Medical Safety
Medical Safety Professional Development 

Continuing Education and Training

Working as a professional in healthcare, you know you cannot afford to become complacent.

New medical technologies, systems, and processes are constantly introduced into the physical environment, and they often bring with them a whole new set of hazards.

As a result, you know you must work hard to:

  • Stay proficient in detecting new safety and health risks within the physical environment
  • Keep current with changes in laws and regulations and in technologically advanced safeguards for protecting people from harm and equipment and property from loss.

The following organizations provide professionals, such as yourself, many opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills through collaboration with other professionals working in healthcare and attendance at annual conferences, seminars, and workshops.


Government Resources:

Writing Your EC Management Plans

Evaluating Your EC Management Plans

Safe and Functional Environment

Federal Emergency Management Agency external link icon

 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) external link icon

Oregon OSHA Online Training

 Army Public Health Center

Safety Program (COMING SOON)

Non-Government Resources:

     American Society for Healthcare Engineering external link icon

     ASIS International (ASIS) external link icon

    ASSE Risk Assessment Videos

     Association for the Healthcare Environment  external link icon

     American Society of Safety Engineers external link icon

     ECRI Institute external link icon

    Joint Commission Resources external link icon

     National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) external link icon

     National Safety Council external link icon

     OSHAcademy external link icon

    University of Minnesota School of Public Health (New) external link icon 

    Government Resource:

      Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS): 
    The ACTEDS is a competency-based system that identifies education and training requirements for Army Safety and Health Specialists. 
    Safety and health professionals can access the CP-12 ACTEDS Training Program core competencies at:    CP-12 Core Competencies external link icon.
    The CP-12 Skills Assessment can be accessed at:  CP12 Certificate Program

    Professional Certification

    Achieving your professional certification demonstrates to your employer and colleagues you are working at the highest level of your profession.

    In addition, certification is an acknowledgement of your academic achievements and years of professional experience.

    The following list of certification boards are directly linked to the healthcare industry.
    Professionals who are interested in reaching the top of their potential and becoming all they can be should contact their respective certification board today to learn more about the certification process.

    Non-Government Resources:

     Certified Safety Professional (CSP) external link icon 

    Certified Emergency Manager® (CEM®) external link icon

    Certified Healthcare Facility Manager external link icon

    Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator external link icon

    Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) external link icon

    Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) external link icon