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Tools for Success! 

Resources to assist in the daily operations of the
Army Occupational Health Clinic or Department


DoD Issuances

and Publications


DoDI 6055.1 external link icon
DoD Occupational Safety & Health Program

DoDI 6055.12 external link icon
DoD Hearing Conservation Program

DoDI 6055.05 external link icon
Occupational and Environmental Health

DoD 6055.05-M external link icon
Occupational Medical Examinations & Surveillance Manual

 DoDI 6490.07 external link icon
Deployment-Limiting Medical Conditions for Service Members and DoD Civilian Employees

 MIL-STD-1474D, DoD Standard Noise Limitations external link icon

DoD Issuances
Official DoD Website for DoD Directives, Instructions, Publications, Administrative Instructions, & Directive Type Memoranda.

 AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness external link icon

 AR 40-5, Preventive Medicine external link icon

 AR 190-56 external link icon
Army Civilian Police and Security Guard Program

 AR 40-66 external link icon
Medical Records Administration & Healthcare Documentation

DA PAM 40-11, Preventive Medicine external link icon

  Army Publishing Directorate  external link icon
Official DA Publications

 DA 40 Series Publications - Medical Services external link icon
Department of the Army 40 Series - Medical Services Regulations and Pamphlets

 DA PAM 40-21 external link icon
Ergonomic Program 

  DA PAM 40-501 external link icon
Hearing Conservation Program

  DA PAM 40-503 external link icon
Industrial Hygiene Program

  DA PAM 385-24 external link icon
The Army Radiation Safety program

AMEDD Virtual Library external link icon



  Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Center & School Portal external link icon

 DoD Military Health System Learning Portal  (MHS Learn) external link icon

 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) external link icon


Fact Sheets and Tip Sheets

PHC Basic Facts Regarding Chemical Exposure Standards and Guidelines

PHC Acute Exposure Guideline Levels

PHC Biological Safety Cabinets

PHC Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

PHC Chemicals,Contact Lenses, and Respirators

PHC Formaldehyde Exposures during Deployments 

PHC Asbestos: An Occupational Health Overview


A Healthy Workforce external link icon 
(password protected- AKO)


A Healthy Workforce is a quarterly publication geared toward occupational medicine providers and professionals. The information helps in our mission to identify, assess, and prevent injuries and illnesses that are constant threats to our civilian and soldier populations.


    Standard Operating Procedures

Immunization SOP

Worksite Visit SOP

Medical Surveillance SOP

Workplace Epidemiologic Investigations SOP

Benzene Medical Surveillance SOP

 Indoor Air Quality Complaint SOP

Asbestos Medical Surveillance Exams SOP

Waste Anesthetic Gas SOP



Respiratory Protection Program SOP

Cadmium SOP

Welders SOP

Hearing Program SOP

Lead SOP

Vision Conservation SOP


Technical Bulletins - Medical (TB MED)and APHC Technical Guides (TG) 

PHC TG 006 Vision and Safety Eyewear Guide

PHC  TG 007 Vision Readiness Screening Guide

PHC  TG 250 Readiness thru Hearing Conservation

PHC  TG 338 Auditory Health Hazard Assessment 


Other Web Sources

  Military OneSource external link icon
Resources/Services, programs & Educational materials.  Civilian counselors & military chaplains available 24hrs/day/7 days a week by email or 1-800-342-9647

  DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) external link icon

   DoD Military Health System (MHS) external link icon

  U.S. Army Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) external link icon

  U.S. Army Well-Being Program external link icon

 U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Uniformed Service Employment & Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA)external link icon

Department of Defense Pharmacoeconomic Centerexternal link icon

Deployment Health Clinical Centerexternal link icon

 Milvaxexternal link icon