ATSDR Liaison Office

DOD and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) work together in an interagency (IA) effort to promote timely execution of ATSDR's public health activities at DOD installations and sites.  ATSDR's work includes assessing public health effects of community exposures to hazardous substances in the environment, engaging stakeholders, and preparing substance toxicological profiles.  To accomplish this, it is vital to facilitate the exchange of accurate, complete, and current information between DOD and ATSDR.  As the DOD Lead Agency, APHC executes the IA agreements and funding, provides oversight and coordination, establishes and chairs the Service Component Liaison workgroup, identifies yearly requirements and negotiates the Annual Plan of Work, and serves in dispute resolution between Service Components and ATSDR.  APHC is also the Army Service Component Liaison to ATSDR.