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​The Army Wellness Centers (AWC) Operation Division provides strategic direction to support a standardized worldwide wellness initiative that empowers sustainable behavior change through evidence based education and awareness using advanced technology.

The AWC Division oversees and manages the development and implementation of AWCs across CONUS and OCONUS.  AWCs provide programs and services that improve and sustain health, performance, and readiness of the Total Army delivered by highly trained professionals.

The AWCs are an actionable platform delivering evidence based programs that improve individual and unit performance and readiness, utilizing advanced testing technology to provide immediate feedback to improve Soldier performance. Along with improving fitness, AWC programs can directly impact readiness by reducing lost or limited duty time and the number of Soldiers on physical profile.  The primary goal of the AWC program is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury, improve overall performance, and enhance the self-efficacy of individuals to maintain lifelong healthy behaviors.  AWCs are integrated with the Patient Centered Medical Home as part of the Comprehensive Care Plan.

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Look below for the closest AWC available to you!  To learn more about services offered and make appointments, contact them by phone.  Check out the Facebook pages for those that have them!

Regional Health Command- EuropeRegional Health Command-AtlanticRegional Health Command-CentralRegional Health Command-Pacific
BavariaAberdeen Proving GroundFort BlissCamp Zama
DSN: (314) 476- 4795(410) 306- 1024(915) 742- 9566DSN: (315) 263- 4073
CIV: 011- 49- 9662-83-4795Carlisle BarracksFort CarsonCIV: 046- 407- 4073
Landstuhl(717) 245- 4004(719) 526- 3887Fort Wainwright
DSN: (314) 590- 5881Fort BenningFort Hood(907) 361- 2234
CIV: 011- 49- 6371- 9464- 5881(706) 544- 9142
(254) 553- 6169JB Lewis McChord
StuttgartFort BraggJB San Antonio (253) 966- 3757
DSN: (314) 590- 1601(910) 643- 2101(210) 539- 1254Schofield Barracks
CIV: 011- 49- 6371- 9454- 1601Fort CampbellFort Huachuca(808) 655- 1866
Vicenza(270) 461-3451(520) 533- 5311Camp Humphreys:
DSN: (314) 636- 9260Fort DrumFort Irwin

DSN:(315) 737-5758

CIV:0444- 61-9260(315) 772- 4608(760) 380- 7373CIV: 050- 3337- 5758
WiesbadenFort GordonFort Leavenworth 
DSN: (314) 590- 1478(706) 787- 6756(913) 758- 3403 
CIV: 011- 49- 6371- 9464- 1478Fort JacksonFort Leonard Wood 
 (803) 751- 6749(573) 596- 9677 
 Fort KnoxFort Polk 
 (502) 626- 0408(337) 531- 3055 
 Fort LeeFort Riley 
 (804) 734- 9925(785) 239- 9355 
 Fort MeadeFort Sill 
 (301) 677- 2006(580) 442-0680 
 Fort Rucker  
 (334) 255- 3923  
 Fort Stewart  
 (912) 767- 4077  
 JB Langley Eustis  
 (757) 314- 7500  

Standard Suite of AWC Services

The AWC approach to service is holistic. AWC staff members take into account all of an individual's physical, psychological and social circumstances when providing services. A holistic approach is important because a person's health cannot be fully addressed unless we consider the whole person.


nutritious food

Healthy Nutrition Education


Exercise testing

Metabolic Testing



Health Assessment Review

 Metabolic Testing 

Metabolic Testing

 Flexibility testing

Exercise Testing 

  Stress Management

Stress Management Education

Healthy Eating

Weight Management 


Biometric Screening

AWC Classroom

General Wellness Education

 Standard Staffing of AWCs

The Director/Supervisory Health Educator is responsible for providing technical oversight for the AWC, serving as the main Point of Contact regarding the daily operation, implementation and standardization, providing training, and ensuring compliance with the six core programs.

The Health Educator reports to the AWC Director/Supervisory Health Educator, and works as a team member in a dynamic group to deliver primary preventive services to a diverse population, through provision of the six core programs.

The Health Promotion Technician reports to the AWC Director/Supervisory Health Educator, and works as a team member in a dynamic group to deliver primary preventive services to a diverse population, through support to the operation with tasks such as coordination of community events, scheduling appointments, supply management, and equipment maintenance.