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Name: Army Public Health Center 
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Telephone: Toll-free: 1-800-222-9698 
DSN: (312) 584-4311 
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Army Public Health Center
5158 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403

Additional Contact Information

 APHC Phone Numbers:
  • Toll Free Number: 800-222-9698
  • Staff Duty Officer: 410-436-4375
  • DSN: Dialing from within CONUS 584-4375
  • DSN: Dialing from OCONUS    (312) 584-4375
  • Emergency Operations Center: 410-436-7301
  • Secure Line: 302-511-9647
  • Public Affairs Officer: 410-417-2937
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Clinical Public Health & Epidemiology

Information regarding the status, trends, and determinants of the health and fitness of the US Army.

Environmental Health Sciences and Engineering (EHSE)

The APHC provides services pertinent to maintaining and improving environmental health on installations and in deployment locations.

Health Promotion & Wellness

Health Promotion and Wellness is composed of four programs.

Laboratory Sciences

Laboratory Sciences provides responsive, comprehensive laboratory science services worldwide as part of the occupational and environmental health assessment and medical surveillance process in support of Army readiness.

Occupational Health Sciences

Occupational Health Sciences fosters the prevention of workplace-related injury, disease, and death by providing occupational health and injury prevention services supporting Soldiers, civilians, commanders, policy makers, and MEDCOM leadership.

Product Management

Responsible for planning, forecasting, and production (or marketing) of a strategic APHC / Army product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

Public Health Information

Enable consistency and unity of effort to develop and promote effective strategic communication in support of the APHC mission.


Toxicologic Pathology evaluates the toxicity of military-unique and military-relevant compounds. It performs basic and applied research using animal models, genetic and cellular toxicology, genomics and computer modeling.

Veterinary Service and Public Health Sanitation (VHS)

Veterinary Service is responsible for policy development and oversight of command missions regarding animal medicine and food protection matters.