Nonionizing Radiation


The mission of the Nonionizing Radiation Division is to enhance Army readiness by identifying and assessing current and emerging nonionizing radiation health threats; developing and communicating solutions to nonionizing radiation health threats; and assuring the quality and effectiveness of the Army's Nonionizing Radiation Protection Program.


  • Evaluate all Army materiel capable of generating nonionizing radiation (including radio frequency, microwave, laser, and optical radiation sources).
  • Conduct installation and site surveys to assist commanders in developing and maintaining an effective Nonionizing Radiation Protection Program.
  • Investigate all incidents of suspected overexposure to nonionizing radiation.
  • Provide representatives for the DoD Transmitted Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Working Group and the Laser System Safety Working Group.
  • Assist with developing national and international standards for exposure to nonionizing radiation.
  • Provide customized training to personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining Nonionizing Radiation Protection Programs.
  • Develop and review regulations, technical bulletins, and information papers that address criteria for human exposure to nonionizing radiation.

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