DoDMWDVS and Army Vet Staff - Consults & Referrals 

NOTE:   PHCR-South has merged with other Public Health Commands.

  • Technical services are now aligned under Public Health Command-Central (Provisional).
  • Fort Gordon district transitioned to Public Health Command-Atlantic (Provisional).
  • The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.

Army veterinarians should always consult with regional/local military clinical medicine specialists (when available) before contacting DoDMWDVS. While we will not turn a request away, referring veterinarians should never send a dog to DoDMWDVS without prior coordination with one of the veterinary staff. When consults/referrals are requested, they should be submitted electronically by completing the fillable DA Form 7593 external link (DoDMWDVS Referral Information Form) and sending to:

This is the most expedient method as all 64F VCOs at DoDMWDVS have access to this mailbox. As such, consulting/referring veterinarians do not need to find a specific clinician who may or may not be immediately available. The consult e-mail will be viewed by the first clinician to note a new e-mail in the box and will route it to the appropriate person if needed.

Along with the electronic DA Form 7593, include scanned lab results and radiology images if possible. If needed, disks can be express-shipped to:

Attn: Consults
1219 Knight St., Bldg 7602
Lackland AFB, TX  78236

If you ship disks, please advise they are coming via the consult e-mail address.

Veterinarians may also call for consultation, though it is initially more difficult to get a clinician as they are generally attending to cases in the hospital during normal working hours (MWF: 0700-1730 hrs; Tu-Th: 0800-1730 hrs Central Standard Time). Phone numbers to clinicians’ desks are located in the Veterinary Corps POC Roster. It is recommended that veterinarians call the clinician desk numbers and leave a message rather than calling the main administration number (210-671-3991/2).

For Military Working Dog emergencies after normal working hours, the Veterinarian-On-Call number is: 210-421-3879.  (This number is reserved for VCO consultation on Military Working Dog emergencies only and not for privately-owned animals.)


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