DoDMWDVS Section-Surgery 

NOTE:   PHCR-South has merged with other Public Health Commands.

  • Technical services are now aligned under Public Health Command-Central (Provisional).
  • Fort Gordon district transitioned to Public Health Command-Atlantic (Provisional).
  • The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.

The Surgery and Rehabilitation Section provides comprehensive surgical, dental and rehabilitative services to working dogs. It performs about 70 surgical and 30 dental procedures and manages approximately 10 rehabilitation cases per month. Personnel include two surgeons external link and seven technicians.

The section has a large range of surgical, rehab/conditioning, and imaging equipment (C-arm fluoroscope) allowing for minimally-invasive procedures; orthopedic procedures (fractures and joint surgery), neurosurgery, abdominal and thoracic procedures; root canals; and extensive physical therapy regimens.


Surgeon performing lapraoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery to remove ovaries from female dog                                      Surgeon and technician preparing for an operation

Knee surgery being performed on a patient


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