Environmental Health and Engineering Division 

NOTE:   PHCR-South has merged with other Public Health Commands.

  • Technical services are now aligned under Public Health Command-Central (Provisional).
  • Fort Gordon district transitioned to Public Health Command-Atlantic (Provisional).
  • The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.


Provide environmental health and engineering services to enhance force health protection and counter environmental and disease threats linked to potable water, recreational water, wastewater, storm water, hazardous waste, and regulated medical waste to protect the health and readiness of military personnel, their families, and DOD employees.


  • Drinking Water System Management Assistance, Sanitary Surveys: Provides a comprehensive assessment of the entire water delivery system and its operations and maintenance activities to ensure that personnel within the installation receive quality drinking water. Follow up assistance may include flushing plan and cross connection control plan development.

  • Water Laboratory Evaluation / Assistance Visit: Provides water laboratory assistance and training to Preventive Medicine Services for operation of a State certified water lab. For non-certified labs, training includes how to conduct internal quality analysis / quality control sampling for contractor oversight. Maintaining internal water laboratory capability allows Preventive Medicine Services to independently provide MEDCOM leadership with situational awareness of the water quality within their area of responsibility.

  • Water System Vulnerability Assessments / Food Service Vulnerability Assessments: Provides an assessment of installation drinking water systems and food service operations to evaluate their susceptibility to potential threats and identify corrective actions to reduce or mitigate the risk of serious adverse consequences resulting from intentional attack or natural disaster. Deliverables include a final report containing prioritized recommendations for implementation of risk control measures for identified vulnerabilities and an updated Emergency Response Plan.

  • Healthcare Facility Waste Management Assistance Visit: Assists and trains Preventive Medicine Services with the unique hazardous waste (HW), regulated medical waste (RMW), and universal waste (UW) management issues present in healthcare facilities. Identifies deficiencies during a walk-through of the hospital, outlying clinics, Veterinarian Clinics, Dental Clinics, and then provides assistance in corrective actions to achieve compliance with MEDCOM, US Army, State and Federal Regulations. The intent of this service is to ensure safe and proper collection, storage, use, transport, disposal, documentation, and overall management these waste streams. Deliverables include updating local policies and programs and a final report with recommendations.

  • Environmental Sampling / Waste Stream Characterization: Collects drinking water, waste water (includes laboratory equipment), incinerator ash, soil samples and any other media for analysis and provides formal recommendations for future management to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments: Conducts a comprehensive analysis of waste streams within a medical treatment facility to identify opportunities to reduce the amount of waste the facility releases into the environment. Final recommendations include best management practices, recycling program development, and life-cycle cost benefit analysis.

  • Recreational Water, Swimming Pool and Spa Evaluations: Provides a comprehensive assessment of all functional aspects of swimming facilities to ensure proper operation, and to provide the safest conditions for soldiers and their families. Fall assessments include proper winterizing procedures that minimize maintenance requirements the following Spring. Early Spring and Summer assessments include trouble shooting operation and maintenance problems.

  • Environmental Contract and Design Reviews: Reviews and provides feedback on contracts and designs related to environmental health specific to your situation. Recent document reviews include: privatization of drinking water, regulated medical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, indoor sauna design, and indoor swimming pool design.


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