Entomological Sciences Division 

NOTE:   PHCR-South has merged with other Public Health Commands.

  • Technical services are now aligned under Public Health Command-Central (Provisional).
  • Fort Gordon district transitioned to Public Health Command-Atlantic (Provisional).
  • The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.


Enhance the readiness of the US Army and other military and governmental organizations through world-class field, laboratory, and consultative pest management support.
  • Training Assistance for Pest Management and Preventive Medicine Personnel: Pest management training for preventive medicine personnel, health care professionals, and installation pest control personnel for general knowledge and skills maintenance. Training includes methods for pest surveillance and control, proper field sanitation, and conducting vector-borne disease risk assessments.
  • Pest Management Program Consultation and Technical Assistance: site review of an installation’s pest management program and procedures in relation to regulatory requirements and sound pest management practices. This service targets Installation Pest Management Coordinators and Preventive Medicine Personnel. Review includes consultation and documented recommendations.
  • Identification of Insects, Ticks, and Rodents: Identification of arthropods and rodents of medical, veterinary, or economic importance. Staff have expertise in the identification of disease transmitting pests (mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and rodents), stored product pests (beetles, moths, mites), and urban pests (ants, wasps, bed bugs, lice, cockroaches).
  • Vector-Borne Disease Risk Assessments: Identify vector-borne disease vulnerabilities at military installations and training sites. Assist installation pest management and preventive medicine personnel to mitigate vulnerabilities through pest surveillance and identification of pest management opportunities.
  • Entomological Readiness Evaluation: A pre-deployment service, we will come to your location, in concert with our Field Preventive Medicine Division, and evaluate your unit’s capability to prevent vector-borne disease illness. Elements

DOD Pesticide Hotline:
Commercial: (410) 436 - 3773
DSN: 584 - 3773


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