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Listed here are the health topics and services provided by the Army Public Health Center.  You can also use the search window or the A-Z button to locate health topics.

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Major Disciplines

Animal Health

  Animal Health topics are an integral part of APHC’s public health mission and affect DoD personnel’s daily lives – Military Working Dogs protection during deployment, zoonotic diseases such as rabies, and animal diseases of military interest or significance such as foot and mouth disease (FMD).  Animal Medicine topics also impact DoD families' daily lives, which includes animal family member... (more)


Health campaigns with subjects that span various disciplines are featured here.  ... (more)

Deployment & Environmental Health

  The Army Public Health Center provides services and information pertinent to maintaining and improving environmental health on installations and in deployment locations. These services include information on environmental quality to include air quality, water quality, solid waste, medical waste, and operational noise hazards; field preventive medicine; environmental medicine; environmen... (more)

Diseases & Conditions

Information on diseases and conditions of medical importance to the Army population including environmental and occupational hazards.... (more)

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Information on how to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies: man-made, CBRNE incidents and natural disasters. ... (more)

Food Protection and Public Health Sanitation

Information regarding food and drinking water safety and defense for the U.S. Army and other DOD customers. Information and guidance on food and drinking water safety, inspections, sources, service facilities, and sanitation. ... (more)

Health Surveillance & Evaluation

Information on the status, trends, and factors that determine the health and fitness of the U.S. Army. Within this section you will find information on Behavioral Health and Social Outcomes, Disease Epidemiology, Injury Prevention, and Professional Medical Education. ... (more)

Healthy Living

  Information, education, and training for health professionals on standardized, evidence-based health promotion and wellness programs and tools using science-based metrics to measure program impact and effectiveness. Information on health promotion policy implementation and policy changes at the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, TRICARE Management Activity, and Health Affairs le... (more)

Laboratory Sciences and Toxicology

Laboratory sciences services, including toxicological evaluation, are part of the occupational and environmental health assessment and medical surveillance process.         Laboratory Sciences         Toxicology                ... (more)

PHC Region-Specific Information

PHC region-specific information, including pertinent topics and services provided. NOTE: The Public Health Command Regions have transitioned to the Regional Health Commands. The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.... (more)

Workplace Safety & Health

Information on issues of industrial hygiene and occupational medicine including hearing conservation and vision conservation. ... (more)