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 Veterinary Services Central Fund (VSCF)

Last Updated: July 12, 2018
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​Until FY 2011, Veterinary Treatment Facilities (VTFs) funds were a part of the Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) at each local installation. The Veterinary Services Central Fund (VSCF) was developed to capitalize on the efficiencies of consolidation of NAF manpower and purchasing power, among other things, into a stand-alone centralized US Army NAF fund under the US Army Public Health Command for all Army Veterinary Treatment Facilities. In FY12, the Navy and Marine Corps Veterinary Facilities on Navy and Marine Corps  installations joined the VSCF and were followed in FY13 by all VTFs on Air Force installations VTFs. The VSCF has standardized many VTF procedures, financial operations, accounting submissions, and human resources actions giving greater oversight to many areas of operations within each clinic.

​If you have comments or feedback about a VTF, please email  Please include the VTF location in your email as your feedback and comments go to APHC and not to the individual VTF.

For more information on VSCF, visit the VTF Knowledge Management Center External Link (AKO, password protected).

Questions regarding Veterinary Services Central Fund (VSCF) may be directed to Army Public Health Center (APHC), VSCF Manager at 210-221-7224/7873, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.