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Last Updated: June 08, 2018
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Are you a family member or friend providing caregiving services to a wounded, injured, or ill active duty U.S. Service member attached to Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Sill, OK; Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA; or Joint Base San Antonio, TX?

Please help us better support you and your Service member by completing this Military Caregiver Needs Survey. Participation is voluntary and your information will be kept completely anonymous.

You do not need to use a military computer, CAC card, or military network to take this survey. The survey is hosted on a secure .mil website but you may use your personal computer to complete it.

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​Frequently Asked Questions about this survey

​What is a Military Caregiver?

A military caregiver is someone who provides unpaid care and assistance (except for SCAADL) for, or manage the care of, someone who is at least 18 years old and has an illness, injury or condition for which they require outside support. This may include help with tasks such as personal care, bathing, dressing, feeding, giving medicines or treatments, help with memory tasks for someone with brain injury, help coping with symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), transportation to doctors' appointments, or arranging for services, etc. You do not need to live with the person. Care and assistance are considered unpaid if you provide them without receiving financial compensation in exchange for doing so.

What is the Military Caregivers Heart of Recovery initiative and why should I participate in this survey?

Military caregivers enhance the quality of life for Service Members and play a vital role in facilitating and improving their recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration. There are numerous military, veteran, corporate, agency, and nonprofit programs and services available to meet the needs of those who provide caregiver support. To streamline and optimize these services, the Military Caregivers Heart of Recovery initiative is being developed by the U.S. Army Public Health Center (APHC), in collaboration with numerous partners, to serve as a central location for services and resources that provide support to wounded warriors and their families. The APHC is responsible for determining the needs of Military Caregivers. This survey is an important way to learn that information. We will be collecting information about your general health status, type(s) of caregiver support, needs, services and resources used or required to provide support. This information is being collected to provide feedback to APHC to help determine the best way to better serve those who provide caregiver support to military personnel. If you provide care to more than one recipient, please refer to the person with whom you spend the most time when responding to this survey.

Why is my participation in this survey important?

The Military Caregivers Heart of Recovery initiative is being designed to provide services, resources, and training opportunities to address the needs of persons who provide caregiver support to military personnel. As a caregiver, your participation in this survey is critical because this initiative will assist you, your family, your friends, and ultimately your care recipient. The information we learn from this survey will help us build an initiative designed specifically to meet your needs.

What information am I required to provide and what is voluntary?

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may complete some or all of the survey. If you are uncomfortable answering a question, you may skip that question and move on to the next item. You may discontinue participation in this survey at any time.

What are the potential risks associated with participation in this survey?

The primary risk to you is emotional upset and discomfort as a result of completing the survey questions. Participation in this survey might also involve risks that are currently unknown or unforeseeable.

What are the potential benefits associated with participation in this survey?

It is unknown whether you will get any benefits by taking part in this study. There may be no personal benefit from your participation, but the information gained by doing this survey may eventually help you and others.

Who can I contact to ask questions about this public health survey?

If you have any questions about this survey or evaluation, please contact the Public Health Assessment Division at

For how long will this survey be open?
There is no set close date at this time.  We are trying to keep the survey open as long as possible to ensure everyone who would like to has a chance to respond.

Who is being asked to take the survey?
Anyone who is eighteen years of age or older and a caregiver of a Service member stationed at Fort Sill, Fort Bragg, Joint Base San Antonio, or Joint Base Lewis McChord is welcome to take the survey. 

How do I take this survey?
Click the button titled, Take Survey Now, at the top or bottom of this webpage.

Who is the U.S. Army Public Health Center? 

The U.S. Army Public Health Center is a Medical Command asset whose mission is to enhance Army readiness by identifying and assessing current and emerging health threats, developing and communicating public health solutions, and assuring the quality and effectiveness of the Army's Public Health Enterprise. For more information about the U.S. Army Public Health Center, visit the APHC website.

Are my responses to this survey confidential? 

Yes.  No personal or identifying information will be collected. 

Does this survey have an official Survey Control Number (SCN) from the U.S. Army?

 Yes, the Survey Control Number is:

EXPIRES:  10/31/2018

Does this survey have an official Survey Control Number from the OMB?

 Yes, the Survey Control Number is:

OMB Control Number:  0702-0143

OMB Expiration Date:  05/31/2021