2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Communication Toolkit

Last Updated: June 03, 2020

This page contains communication messages and materials that Leaders, Public Affairs Officers, and communication staffs can use and tailor for various groups during the spread of COVID-19. Share these messages and products throughout your installation and on your social media platforms to raise awareness of and knowledge about COVID-19.
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Visit the APHC Health Information Products e-Catalog for COVID-19 communication products.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Print ResourcesExternal Link


Social Media Messages

Use and tailor these social media messages as necessary to meet the needs of your audiences. Use the hashtag #ArmyPublicHealth to help us see who is using this content. A document with all recommended posts, including graphics available for download and use are included in a zip file posted under the Social Media Graphics section on this page.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

   •  Are you a Soldier, Retiree or Family member who doesn't know where to find COVID-19 information? Call the Military Health System Nurse Advice line 24/7 at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273).

   •  When looking for #COVID19 information, it is important to use credible sources such as the government and information from your local health department. https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/campaigns/covid19/Pages/default.aspx

Take Routine Actions to Prevent the Spread of Germs

   • Practice good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands often to help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like #COVID19 and flu. #CleanHandsCount
   • Social distancing may be used to slow the spread of #COVID19. Take time now to learn about social distancing and how to prepare yourself. Find social distancing tips at    https://store.samhsa.gov/system/files/sma14-4894.pdf

Health Protection Conditions (HPCONS)

   • Commanders and public health personnel use Health Protection Condition (HPCON) levels to guide specific actions you can take in response to a health threat. While it’s always important to prevent the spread of germs, there are additional steps you can take if COVID-19 transmission becomes more widespread in your community.    https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/campaigns/covid19/Pages/HPCON.aspx

COVID-19 Master the Stress, Fitness and Wellness

   •  #MasterStress during the #COVID19 pandemic by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. Learn more at    https://P3.amedd.army.mil
   •  Trying to maintain your fitness without your gym? Track your activity using a fitness app of your choice and engage in social distance-friendly activities. For tailored work out ideas, contact your local AWC.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/my-army-wellness-center/locations   #COVID19 #ArmyQOL


   •  Looking for a one-stop-shop for all #COVID19 information and updates? The #ArmyPublicHealth is here to provide you with trusted resources and answers to your questions.   https://ephc.amedd.army.mil/HIPECatalog/viewItem.aspx?id=1802
   •  The best way to prevent #COVID19 is to avoid being exposed. Social distancing is EVERYONE’s responsibility. When possible, keep 6 feet between you and others, even when you are outdoors.   https://ephc.amedd.army.mil/HIPECatalog/viewItem.aspx?id=1795

Animal Health

   •  Consult with your veterinarian if your pet is sick. Pets can develop many respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms that may look like COVID-19 but are likely due to more common infectious diseases or medical conditions   https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/campaigns/covid19/Pages/Pets.aspx
   •  Many people are adopting animals during quarantine and you may be wondering if it is safe to adopt from a shelter. There are currently no links between #COVID19 and shelter pets. Remember when adopting, you are making a commitment to care for an animal for the rest of its life.

Social Media Graphics

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Social Media Videos

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Take Everyday Actions to Prevent the Spread of Germs


Disinfect Commonly Touched Surfaces if COVID-19 Transmission has Started in Your Community
Protect Yourself and Your Family From COVID-19

Print Products

These and additional COVID-19-related education materials are available for download and order from the APHC Health Information Products e-Catalog.