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Last Updated: September 22, 2020
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One Health Seminar Day

​In celebration of One Health Week 2020, the Veterinary One Health Division is hosting the 3rd Annual One Health Day Seminar Day as a 2 Day Webinar Event on Microsoft CVR Teams.

Come join us for part of the day or the entire event to listen, learn, collaborate and discuss One Health topics.

​3rd Annual One Health Day Seminar Day - Now a 2 Day Virtual Event!

One Health in Mobile Populations:  Diseases Know No Borders
3 & 4 November 2020
Microsoft CVR Teams Event - Registration Required

  • The agenda is divided into Sessions.  
  • You must register for each individual session you plan to attend.
  • If a session has multiple presentations, the session registration will provide access to all presentations within that session.
  • Click on the Registration Link provided in the agenda below to Register for the individual sessions
  • A CVR email/account is required to attend/access the sessions on Microsoft CVR Teams.
  • Session registration deadline is 23 October 2020.  
  • Individual sessions may close earlier if maximum participant level is reached prior to the registration deadline.


3 November 2020

Environmental Interface Session

0830 - 0845  Welcome and Introduction

0845 - 0915  Surveillance Data Prompts Policy to Limit Soldier Exposure to Poor Air Quality

Environmental surveillance data appearing in APHC's annual Health of the Force report validated poor air quality perceptions of Service members stationed in South Korea - outdoor air pollution violated U.S. health-based standards for 75-125 days every year. Using this evidence, U.S. Forces Korea issued a new regulation designed to help Soldiers manage their exposure to poor air quality.

0915 - 0945  Stored-product Pest Impact on Mobile Populations

Hear about the financial and health impacts that stored-product pests (SPP) can have on globally mobile populations.

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Plenary Session

1000 - 1050  Public Health Impacts due to a Global Pandemic

The Director and Scientific Advisor of the US Army Public Health Center discuss how a global pandemic has impacted and advanced public health.

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PFAS / PFOS Session

1100 - 1150  Panel Discussion

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (conjugate base perfluorooctanesulfonate) (PFOS) Exposure and Health Effects

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Veterinary Interface Session

1300 - 1430  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Veterinary Services Hot Topics in One Health

Examples of the One Health approach in action in response to disease outbreaks and investigations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

1430 - 1445  Break

1500 - 1515  Food Protection's Role in Force Health Protection

Overview of the Food Protection functions and responsibilities of Veterinary Services in Force Health Protection and One Health initiatives.

1515 - 1530  Veterinary Metrics Data Modernization

Discussion of data modernization and digitalization efforts of Veterinary Metrics' Tableau dashboards.

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4 November 2020

COVID-19 Session

0900 - 1050  Panel Discussion: COVID-19 Impacts on Public Health Response Efforts

Panel discussion focused on how addressing the COVID -19 global pandemic influenced changes in traditional public health response efforts.

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Health Hazards Session

1100 - 1140  Health Hazard Assessment: Protecting the Soldier

Familiarization of the Army’s Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) support and outreach to the Acquisition Lifecycle Management Community of Capabilities and Materiel Developers to reduce or eliminate occupational health hazards attributed to Army systems as they design and field new weapons, vehicles, and equipment for Soldiers.

1140 - 1200  Public Health Preparedness and Response

Hear how the APHC support Public Health Enterprise units and organizations prepare for and respond to public and one health events in their local area of responsibility.

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Public Health Surveillance Session

1300 - 1330  Remote Online Veterinary Record (ROVR) and the Government and Privately Owned Animal World wide Surveillance System (GPAWSS)

Utilization of ROVR veterinary eNote data in the GPAWSS-Zoonoses to determine trends and identify Zoonoses risk mitigation measures.

1330 - 1400  Integrated Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance Dashboard

Highlights of a centralized dashboard that visualizes all vector-borne disease occurrence (vector, animal, human) by Region and Installation. A true One Health product to easier facilitate readiness.

1400 - 1415  Break

1415 - 1445  Disease Reporting System internet (DRSi) for reportable animal and vector-borne diseases

Use of DRSi reportable human health events data in a public health response.

1445 - 1515  Overview of Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System - Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH) and how it supports the Individual Longitudinal Exposure Record (ILER) 

How the individual DOEHRS-IH modules support the Individual Longitudinal Exposure Record (ILER).

1515 - 1545  State of U.S. Army Public Health Center Data

Current state of APHC in terms of our data usage culture and possible solutions to enhance data-driven organizational goals.

1545 - 1600  Closing Remarks

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