Performance Triad
Performance Triad Information for Retirees 

Performance Triad Information for Retirees


It’s never too late to start making healthy choices. Getting quality sleep, physical activity, and healthy nutrition can help you look and feel your best.  Whether you have maintained an active lifestyle since your time in the Army or you would like to reestablish healthy habits, the Performance Triad aims to help Retirees improve their quality of life through a healthy balance of sleep, activity, and nutrition.



Improving sleep quality begins with creating a healthy sleep environment and practicing proper sleep hygiene. Developing a consistent bed and wake up schedule is especially important if you have trouble sleeping. Strive to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to wake up feeling refreshed and refocused for the day ahead.

Learn more about the benefits of healthy sleep and tips for improving your sleep habits.



Building activity into your day can reap large benefits for your health over time. If you're facing an injury or condition, being physically active can help you improve your mobility, coordination, and flexibility. Talk to your healthcare provider about what activities would best suit you. Active living doesn’t have to be time consuming or even strenuous. Start slowly if you’re just getting back into exercise and choose activities you enjoy.

Visit the resources below to learn more about active living.



A well-balanced and nutritious diet is vital for weight maintenance and preventing chronic diseases or conditions. Recent studies found that those who follow dietary guidelines tend to have a better quality of life as they age. Creating healthy eating habits comes with practice and preparation. It’s never too late to start making healthy choices. Start now!

Visit the resources below to learn more about eating for good health.



Technology is an important tool in helping the Retirees succeed in getting quality sleep, engaging in activity, and improving their nutrition. Because technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, there are several interactive tools that can help you achieve a healthier wellbeing through sleep, activity, and nutrition. The following are online resources available to you and your family to set goals, track your progress, and challenge others to make better choices every day.

ArmyFit: A tech resource, provided by the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program, that contains features such as:

  • Global Assessment Tool 2.0: a tool that scores you in several dimensions to determine how old or young your body thinks you are.
  • Articles, reference materials, action plans, videos, etc. on thousands of topics related to healthy living.
  • Tracker for your weight, calories consumed, and physical activity with the ability to check your progress over time.
  • Healthy challenges (like logging food intake) to earn points and badges to show off within the ArmyFit community.

Army H.E.A.L.T.H.: A web and Smartphone app that promotes performance nutrition and exercise by allowing you to:

  • Receive personalized nutrition and fitness plans based on your goals.
  • Find articles and resources on nutrition, fitness, and mind and body.
  • Track your weight and calorie intake (respectively) over time.

To register for Army H.E.A.L.T.H. go to External Link


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