Performance Triad 
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The Performance Triad External link is a comprehensive plan to promote Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition among Army Family Members in order to improve health and wellness. The Triad engages Army Family Members through various modes of messaging (social media, educational materials, etc.).


Key Messages of the Performance Triad:

  • Get Quality Sleep
  • Engage in Activity
  • Improve Nutrition


Sleep is vital for health, performance, and wellbeing. That is why proper sleep hygiene practices (i.e. that promote optimal sleep duration and quality) are important for everyone. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The better the sleep, the greater its benefits.



Physical activity is more than just "exercise" or "working out" - it is about living an active lifestyle. Choose activities you enjoy and focus on moving as much as possible throughout the day.



Eating healthy plays an important role in your daily life. Healthy nutrition provides energy, helps manage weight, and reduces your risk of chronic conditions (such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes)



Technology is also an important tool in helping the Army Family succeed in getting quality Sleep, engaging in Activity, and improving Nutrition. Because technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives there are several interactive tools that can help everyone achieve a healthier wellbeing through Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition. Online resources are available to Soldiers, Retirees, and their families to set goals, track their progress, and challenge others to make better choices.


Performance Triad and the Army Wellness Centers

Information about the role of Army Wellness Centers in the Performance Triad.

Performance Triad Information for DA Civilians

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for DA Civilians.

Performance Triad Information for Healthcare Providers

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Healthcare Providers.

Performance Triad Information for Pre-Retirees

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Pre-Retirees.

Performance Triad Information for Retirees

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Retirees.

Performance Triad Information for Soldiers

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Soldiers.

Performance Triad Information for Spouses

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Spouses.

Performance Triad Information for Squad Leaders

Sleep, activity, and nutrition information for Squad Leaders.