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Last Updated: June 16, 2020
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Military children are the future fighting Force of our Nation. Sixty-one percent of Soldiers are from Families who have served in the military. Currently, there are more than 425,000 Army children. The U.S. Army Public Health Center supports Army childrens' quality of life by promoting healthy behaviors and supporting healthy army communities.

Social Media Messages

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Month of the Military Child

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child, underscoring the important role military children play in the Armed Forces community. During the month of April, join the U.S. Army Public Health Center by customizing and sharing these messages on your social media platforms using the hashtags #ArmyQOL and #ArmyPublicHealthHAF.

General Awareness

    • The Army is committed to meeting the unique health and wellness needs of children and parents in the Army community. Wear purple to visibly show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices.  https://www.dodea.edu/dodeaCelebrates/Military-Child-Month.cfm #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Prevent the spread of disease. Proper hand washing begins at home! Teach children how to properly wash their hands. #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Protect yours and your children's skin from harmful UV rays with sunscreen.  https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/discond/hipss/Pages/Sun-Safety.aspx #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

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Kids and Pets

    • Did you know that research shows that when a parent is deployed, coping skills are better in children with strong attachment and investment in the care of a pet? Download the #milPetED app for more tips. #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Four legged friends can be a great motivator for kids to get active, while also decreasing the risk of childhood obesity. For more information download the #milPetED app. #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Our furry Family members can help to strengthen children’s immune systems and reduce the development of allergies. For more tips, download the #milPetED app. #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

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Performance Triad Sleep

    • A good night’s sleep is essential to children’s health, development, and performance in school.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/sleep/sleep-and-children #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Shift your kids’ sleep schedules to accommodate their upcoming school schedules.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/sleep/sleep-and-children #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

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Performance Triad Activity

    • Staying active as a Family can help military children adopt healthy habits.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/kids-need-activity-too #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Ditch the video games, and encourage your Family to sit less with the #PerformanceTriad  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/kids-need-activity-too #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

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Performance Triad Nutrition

    • It's never too early to model healthy behaviors for your children. This #MOMC, be sure to bring your children along with you as you set nutrition goals, grocery shop, and prepare meals.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/nutrition/tips-for-families-with-children #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

    • Children who eat with their Families are better nourished, have better grades, and are less likely to smoke, drink, or use marijuana.  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/nutrition/tips-for-families-with-children #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL #ArmyPublicHealthHAF

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