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 Healthy Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition

Last Updated: March 19, 2020
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Healthy Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition

Achieving optimal health and wellness starts with healthy sleep, activity, and nutrition habits. The Army Public Health Center provides sleep, activity, and nutrition messaging to support the Army community as they establish healthy habits.

Social Media Messages

Customize and share these messages on your social media platforms using the hashtags #PerformanceTriad and #ArmyQOL


    • The #PerformanceTriad supports optimal mental, emotional, and physical health and performance. https://p3.amedd.army.mil/what-leaders-need-to-know/what-is-the-performance-triad #ArmyQOL

    • Decrease your injury risk with a focused training program—involve a Master Fitness Trainer, certified fitness instructor, or Physical Therapist to help! https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/workout-preparation-and-injury-prevention #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

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    • Improve your bedtime routine with effective strategies from the #PerformanceTriad https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/sleep/effective-sleep-strategies #ArmyQOL

    • Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to recharge and perform their best. https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/sleep/introduction-to-sleep #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

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    • Incorporating different types of exercises can give you better results. Switch things up with the #PerformanceTriad  https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/physical-readiness #ArmyQOL

    • Running can be done almost anywhere and is a great way to achieve cardiovascular fitness. https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/running #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

    • Regular activity supports a healthy heart. Learn how a few steps a day can improve your quality of life. https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/step-activity-goals #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

    • Train smart with the #PerformanceTriad to help prevent injuries https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/workout-preparation-and-injury-prevention #ArmyQOL

    • Staying physically active not only keeps your body fit, it keeps your mind fit too https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/introduction-to-activity #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

    • Reduce your risk of stress fractures and musculoskeletal injuries with the #PerformanceTriad https://p3.amedd.army.mil/trending-topics/reduce-your-risk-of-a-stress-fracture #ArmyQOL

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    • A healthy weight can help you feel and look good, while reducing risk of heart disease #PerformanceTriad https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/activity/workout-preparation-and-injury-prevention #ArmyQOL

    • A little planning can go a long way in improving eating habits https://p3.amedd.army.mil/how-to/make-healthy-eating-easy/basic-food-preparation-tips #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

    • Strategies for eating and hydrating before, during, and after exercise are essential https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/nutrition/nutrient-timing #PerformanceTriad #ArmyQOL

    • The #PerformanceTriad can help make healthy eating easy https://p3.amedd.army.mil/how-to/make-healthy-eating-easy/meals-in-15-minutes-or-less #ArmyQOL

    • This March celebrate National Nutrition Month by giving your plate a #PerformanceTriad makeover! https://p3.amedd.army.mil/performance-learning-center/nutrition/introduction-to-nutrition #ArmyQOL

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