Army Injury Prevention 
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   THE FACTS:                                                                                                                                 PH360 chart showing Morbidity Burden Summary by Disease Category, AD Army 2015

  • Injuries are the LEADING cause of military medical visits and civilian compensation claims -- view your installation-specific injury data.
  • Musculoskeletal, motor vehicle, heat-, and cold- related injuries are of particular concern.
  • The number and severity of injuries CAN be reduced!
  • Benefits of minimizing injury risks are substantial:
    • Enhanced performance, productivity, and readiness (individual as well as unit level)
    • Reduced lost time for training and duty days
    • Decreased costs for medical, workers compensation, and disability



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Army Injuries, Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention Overview

General information on Army Injuries, Injury Causes and Risk Factors, and Prevention.

Army Injury Prevention Factsheets and Training Products

Fact sheets and training products regarding types of injuries associated with activities, risk factors, and means to reduce associated injuries.

Installation Injury Monitoring Tools

Links for Army injury surveillance definitions, and several reports including: Army Strategic Management System (SMS); Public Health Management System (PHMS); Public Health 360 (PH360); and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Installation Injury Reports.

Military Activity Related Injuries

Information pertaining to prevention of injury from military activities, including: Basic and Initial Entry Training; Deployment; Obstacle Courses and Combatives; Parachuting; Physical Fitness Training; Road Marching; and more.


Selected technical reports and journal articles pertaining to Physical Training, Sports & Accident Injury Prevention.

Slip, Trip and Fall Related Injuries

Information on injury prevention related to slips, trips and falls.

Sports and Physical Training Injuries

Injury prevention pertaining to sports and physical training, including: ECPs; Physical Training; Running; Stretching; Team Sports; Warm Up/Cool Down; Weight-Training; Winter Sports; and other general topics.

Vehicle Accident Injuries

Information pertaining to prevention of vehicle injuries, including: Motorcycles; Privately owned vehicles; and Vehicles used in military operations and training.

Vision and Hearing Injuries

Information pertaining to prevention of vision and hearing injuries.

Weather Related Injuries

Information regarding heat-related injuries, cold weather, and prevention tactics.

Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

Information pertaining to workplace safety and ergonomics-related injuries.