Entomology and Pest Management

DoD Pesticide Hotline

Last Updated: February 06, 2018

Please feel free to call the Pesticide Hotline, a service that has been in existence since 1976.  We remain dedicated to providing the entire DoD community the quality services that have been synonymous with the Hotline for many years.

DoD Pesticide Hotline 410-436-3773 / DSN 312-584-3773


Common services available from the Hotline include:

  • Pesticide Labels -- obtain copies of pesticide labels, assist in interpreting label information and provide the federal and state registration status of a particular product
  • Pesticide Regulation -- interpreting/citing regulations pertaining to pest management, pesticide handling and usage
  • Pesticide Selection -- assist with selection of the most appropriate products for the specific pest situation
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) -- provide general information on pest biology, (i.e. life cycle, habitat, host preference) to maximize control efforts and minimize reliance on pesticides
  • Pesticide Application -- provide information on the equipment and personal protective measures required for specific applications
  • Environmental Concerns -- provide assistance in recognizing potential environmental issues and suggest alternative strategies and countermeasures
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) -- obtain copies of pesticide SDSs and assist in understanding the properties of a particular product
  • Fact Sheets -- produce, provide and/or locate fact sheets and educational materials on pesticide active ingredients, pest biology, surveillance and control measures
  • Plant/Animal Identification Services -- coordinate identification services to ensure timely/accurate identification of a particular plant/animal specimen or image
  • DoD Expert Locator Assistance -- identify unique DoD resources best equipped to assist the customer's specific needs


The DoD Pesticide Hotline is a service provided by the APHC: Contact us for additional information.