Entomology and Pest Management

Human Tick Test Kit Program

Last Updated: February 19, 2020

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A free tick identification and testing service for ticks removed from Department of Defense personnel and their dependents, provided by the Laboratory Sciences Directorate at the Army Public Health Center.  Ticks can be submitted to the HumanTick Test Kit Program (HTTKP) through tick kits available at DoD health care facilities.

For additional information, or to request tick kits or services, contact the Tick-borne Disease Laboratory:
by phone (410) 436-5421 or by email 

Testing available for:

DoD Human Tick Test Kit Program Fact Sheet.  
This is a concise, two-page fact sheet that describes the program, provides contact information, and answers frequently asked questions, including tick-removal guidelines.

Tick Kit InstructionsThis is a one-page instruction sheet that contains information on how to package and mail tick specimens.

Submission of Tick Specimens from Human Tick-Bite Patients.  This is a  two-sided tick submission form that must have the front page filled out, and be included with every tick submitted.

USDA Permit.  This is a two-sided permit from the USDA that must be included with every tick mailed.

Protect Yourself From Tick-Borne Diseases Fact SheetThis two-page document describes common tick species and the pathogens associated with them, as well as recommendations on tick-bite prevention.

Tick Control Around the Home.  This two-page document describes the basic biology of ticks, and techniques to control tick populations and prevent tick bites at home.

How to Check for Ticks and How to Remove an Attached Tick. This two-page document describes how to check yourself and your family for ticks, and how to safely remove an attached tick. A video showing how to remove ticks can also be viewed here.