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Deployment Environmental Surveillance

Last Updated: December 19, 2017

The primary focus of Deployment Environmental Surveillance is the occupational and environmental health of military personnel deployed to worldwide Combatant Command locations. Environmental samples are collected from units while deployed to evaluate and assess environmental information, data analysis, and sampling and surveillance techniques.  This information is used to assist preventive medicine personnel and commanders in their decision making during deployments.


  • Training and Equipment Maintenance
  • Unit Liaison Support
  • Operational and Environmental Health Risk Reports (Sample Management Reports, Phase 1, POEMS, etc.)
  • Mobile Ambient Air Monitoring Stations
  • Tracking of deployment exposure incidents

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To request a classified product for occupational and environmental surveillance data at deployed locations, or to view any of our products, visit our site on the Army Public Health Center secure web server at

DOEHRS Personnel Location Template: This template should be used to document personnel at deployed locations in support of Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance activities. The Excel spreadsheet External Link is located on AKO (password protected).

For access to environmental sampling data, see the following website: External Link 
(login required) or the Military Exposure Surveillance Library (MESL). (login required)

For more information on how to request a DOEHRS Account please contact the Environmental Surveillance Integration Program (ESIP)

Electronic copy field data sheets for the sample media listed below can be found at: DOEHRS Resources 

  • Air (DPS, TO14, TO17, DVS)
  • Water (Treated and Untreated, Bottled) 
  • Soil

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