Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, & Management
DESP Frequently Asked Questions 
Frequently asked questions related to the subject of Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, and Management.

Deployment Environmental Surveillance
Q:Can DESP send me some reagents for my Water Quality Analysis Set (WQAS)-PM kit?
A:No, we cannot provide those supplies. We provide equipment and kits to supplement your organic equipment set
Q:Can I use my TO17 tubes to test for formaldehyde?
A:No. You need to request media from DESP specifically for formaldehyde
Q:Can Navy or Air Force units get equipment and technical support from DESP?
A:Yes, DESP supports all deployed preventive medicine personnel
Q:Do I need to submit my field test results?
A:Yes. Please send them with your sampling kits or by email
Q:How do I submit grid coordinates?
A:Unclassified grids can be sent on Field Data Sheets or via email to your DESP point of contact Classified grids can be emailed via SIPRnet to your DESP POC
Q:How do I submit my coliform test results?
A:You can write them on the Field Data Sheet, or if you ship the sample the same day you collect it, email the results to your DESP POC
Q:How do I submit my surveillance/inspection reports?
A:Email them to
Q:How do I test the soil for VOCs?
A:Request a soil VOC test kit from DESP. VOCs are not part of the regular soil analysis
Q:What is a composite surface soil sample?
A:Samples from three to five locations mixed together and collected less than 6 inches below ground surface
Q:What is a discrete sub-surface soil sample?
A:One sample collected from 6 inches or more below ground surface
Q:Where can I get copies of the Field Data Sheets?
A:Contact DESP:
Q:Will DESP support humanitarian sampling projects?
A:DESP can provide technical assistance and sample kits only; we are not funded for laboratory analysis of humanitarian samples