Health Risk Assessment, Surveillance, & Management
Periodic Occupational and Environmental Monitoring Summary (POEMS) 

A primary DoD goal has been to ensure that service members (Active Duty, NG and RC), and their providers (military, VA, as well as private sector have access to the most current and applicable information about such exposures - especially when addressing post-deployment health concerns. These documents are not developed for inclusion in the medical records of individual persons because they describe overall general population exposure estimates and do not describe any specific person's unique exposures. However, if it appears specifically relevant to an individual's future complaint/health condition, a provider may use information from the documents when evaluating or treating an individual's health condition.


The current DoD Approved POEMS template can be downloaded below, or from here.

POEMS Documents

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_All Countries_Generic2001-01-012016-12-31_N/A_Template - Periodic Environmental Monitoring Summary
KuwaitAhmed Al Jaber Air Base2014-10-012015-12-01Ahmed Al Jaber Air BaseAhmed Al Jaber Air Base
United Arab EmiratesAl Dhafra Air Base2002-02-022015-12-31Al Dhafra Air BaseAl Dhafra AB_POEMS_2002-2015
QatarAl Udeid Air Base2004-05-012015-07-31Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB).Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB)
KuwaitAli Al Salem Air Base, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base2004-01-012015-12-31Ali Al Salem Air Base, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base, Camp Morell, Camp Virginia,Ali Al Salem Air Base, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base,
IRAQCamp Al Fallujah and vicinity, Iraq2004-06-082011-08-20Camp Al Fallujah, Camp Baharia, Combat Outpost (COP) Castillo, Camp Karmah, Camp Mercury, and Rock Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) Paladdin. FOB St. Mere, Dreamland and FOB Volturno.Camp Al Fallujah and vicinity, Iraq
AfghanistanFENTY and Vic2005-06-022015-12-31FOB Fenty, Jalalabad Airfield (JAF), Dyer, Finley-Shields, Garcia (Goshta), Hughie (Huey), Boti Kot, Connolly (Connelly, Khogyani), Hombre, Khyber Border Coordination Center (KBCC), Lonestar, Nangahar, Shewal, Shinwar, Torkham and Zone 1 HeadquartersFenty and vicinity POEMS
IRAQFOB Brassfield-Mora and Vicinity2003-12-012009-08-17FOB Brassfield-Mora, Patrol Base (PB) Olson and PB Razor FOB Brassfield-Mora
AFGHANISTANWARRIOR AND VIC2006-08-162013-06-30FOB Warrior and vicinity that includes FOB Al Masak, FOB Bullard, and FOB Mu’qurFOB Warrior POEMS 2006-2013
AFGHANISTANAirborne and Vicinity2011-09-222014-12-31FOB Airborne (also known as [aka] Maiden Shar Nelson) and vicinity that includes FOB Al Maasak (aka FOB Al Masak), Chak (aka Bahadur), Combat Outpost (COP) Conlon, COP Dash-E-Towp (aka COP Dashe Top), COP Garda, COP Jaghato, COP Jalrez, Joint Security Station (JSS) Karimdad, COP Nerkh, National Police Training Center (NPTC) Wardak, COP Sanchez, COP Sayed Abad (COP Sayedabad), COP Carwile (aka Sultan Kheyl), COP Tangi, and Operations Coordination Center- Provincial (OCCP) WardakForward Operating Base Airborne
AFGHANISTANFOB Delaram2009-10-012014-05-31ANP Station, PB Deh Mezong, Delaram AUP, Delaram District Center, Delaram VSSP, FOB Delaram II, Patrol Base KDLE, and Delaram II Assistance Platform (AP). Forward Operating Base Delaram II and Vicinity, Afghanistan
AFGHANISTANForward Operating Base Kunduz and vicinity2007-01-012014-12-31FOB Kunduz and vicinity, which includes Combat Outpost (COP) Fortitude (also known as [aka] Imam Sahib), FOB Prosser, COP Shir Khan (aka COP Shere Khan), Village Stability Platform (VSP) Nowabad, VSP Talawka, and Camp Van AalstForward Operating Base Kunduz and vicinity
IRAQForward Operating Base Wilson 2003-08-132009-06-12FOB Wilson, PB Woodcock, FOB ArrowForward Operating Base Wilson
AFGHANISTANForward Operating Base Wright2003-09-132014-10-03Forward Operating Base (FOB) Wright, Badel, Bari Ali, Big Avalanche, Blessing (Nangalam), Bostick (Naray), California, Clydesdale, Checkpoint 2.5, Firebase Phoenix (Vimoto), Falcon, Fiaz, Fortress, Hammerhead, Honaker-Miracle, Joyce, Little Avalanche, Mace, Michigan, Monti, Mustang, Penich, Pirtle-King, Restrepo, Vegas, Wright (Asadabad), Kalagush and Keating. With the exception of FOB Wright (Asadabad) and FalconForward Operating Base Wright
AFGHANISTANFrontenac and Vicinity2007-06-012014-07-10Arghestan Village Stability Platform (VSP), Babur, Baghak, Bagh E Pul, Baghtu, Chenar, Combat Outpost (COP) 9-1, CP 72, CP 7-4, CP 8-1, COP Darham (Durham Charqolba SOFLA), Darvishan, Dashtu, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Frontenac, Ghecko, Ghorak VSP, Infante, Jannat/Kowajeh, Jelawar, COP Kessler (Sakari Bagh), Kowall, Kulak (Kuhak), VSP Lam, Lane, Lion, COP Little Blue, Maholic, Mien Shayen, Mohammed, Nagahan Embed Site, Nolen, Now Ruzi, District Police Center-Arghandab, Pacemaker, Pittman, Robyn, COP Senjaray, Shah Wali Kot, Simmons, Stansbery, Stout, FOB Terra Nova, COP Timothy Johnson, COP Tynes, Weaver, and WinklemanFrontac 2007-2014
AFGHANISTANGAMBERI AND VIC2003-01-012015-12-31FOB Gamberi and vicinity that includes Command Outpost (COP) Najil, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Gamberi, FOB Mehtar Lam, FOB Xio Haq, FOB Manjan and Alingar. Gamberi POEMS 2003-2015
AFGHANISTANHerat and Vicinity2006-12-092016-12-31COP Metro; Qadis; and Ricketts; Camps Arena/FSB Herat (Gilbert); Bazaar Khona; COP Reaper; Bashar Khona; Zafar; Chasma-e-Dozakh; Chapchal; Cougar; Darrah I Bum; Delorean; Henderson; Injil; Islam Qala; Lawton; Qal-e-Naw; Parmakan; Robat Sangi (Robat); Sanowghan (Safe Home); Shouz; Thomas; FOB Adraskan; Shindand Airbase (Shaf, Napier); Stone; and Todd / BMG (Bala Morghab); Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT); PB Red LegHerat and Vicinity 2006-2015
AFGHANISTANKABUL BASE CLUSTER VIC (2015 UPDATE)2003-01-012015-12-31Kabul and vicinity that includes Camp Eggers, Camp Phoenix, Camp Kabul Headquarters – International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) and Resolute Support, Camp Julian, Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) also known as Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (KAIA), Camp Morehead, Camp Policharki, Camp New Sarobi (Tora), National Military Hospital (NMH), New Kabul Compound, Camp Dubbs, Camp Bala Hissar, Camp Black Horse, Camp Green, Camp Integrity, Camp Qargha, Camp OQAB, U.S. Embassy, Camp Souter, Camp Scorpion, Camp Duskin, Camp Qasaba, Camp Dogan, and Camp WarehouseKabul Base Cluster POEMS 2003-2015
AfghanistanLagman (FOB) and Vicinity2010-01-012012-12-31for Forward Operating Base (FOB) Lagman and vicinity that includes: FOB Apache, Afghan National Army (ANA) Camp Eagle, FOB Deh Dadi II, FOB Lagman, FOB Mizan, Camp Mogensen, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Qalat, and FOB SweeneyLagman (FOB) and Vicinity, Afghanistan
JordanMuwaffaq Salti Air Base,2013-01-012015-12-31Muwaffaq Salti Air Base Muwaffaq Salti Air Base
DJIBOUTICamp Lemonnier2002-10-012014-12-31Camp LemonnierPOEMS_Camp Lemonnier_2002-2014
OmanThumrait Air Base (TRAB),2010-01-012015-12-31Thumrait Air Base (TRAB),Thumrait AB
Kyrgyz RepublicTransit Center at Manas (Bishkek-Manas)2002-12-012014-06-06Transit Center at Manas (Bishkek-Manas),Transit Center at Manas (Bishkek-Manas),
AFGHANISTANAIRBORNE2006-11-092011-04-01Nerkh, WardakU_AFG_Airborne POEMS 2006-2011
AFGHANISTANKabul and Vicinity, Afghanistan2003-01-012009-12-31Camp Eggers, Phoenix, Camp Kabul Headquarters – ISAF and Resolute Support, Camp Julian, KMTC, HKIA, KAIA, Morehead, Policharki, New Sarobi, National Military Hospital, and DubbsU_AFG_ARCENT Kabul Base Cluster POEMS 2003-2009
AFGHANISTANCamp Leatherneck and vicnity2009-12-302014-06-24Camp Leatherneck and vicinity that includes: Camps Leatherneck (Tombstone); Barber; Viking, ABC, Achabeti; Afghan national Police (ANP) Hill; Antonik; Aries 2; Badger; Bishop; Bolan; Boldak; Bouresches; Calero (Shorbak); Chosin; Dangar; Daytona; Delmar; Didgori; Duluth; Edinburgh; Eiffel; El Haam; El Paso; Enguri; Eredvi; Ertoba; Faizel; Fulod (Fulad Sangin Fulod); Gettysburgh; Habib; Hanson (Sher Wali); Honeycutt; Januup; Juno; Kelly; Kems Bazaar; Khalil; Kopp; Kodori; Kunjik; Lambadand (Lamba Dand); Lazika; Mahafiz; Marjah (Marjeh); Maywand; Mehraj; Meis (Ward); Moose; Musa Qualah District Center (DC) (Musa Qal'ah DC, Musa Qa’leh); Orbi; Ouellette (Padnick); Musa Qualah (Mirage); Palacio; Paserlay; Pleiku; Price (Provincial Supply Point (PSP) North); Qurta; Reilly; Sacramento; Saenz; Said Abdul Khalil; Saipan; Shar Ghazay (Shir Ghazy); Shukvani; Shurakay; Silab; Sommerville; Wakil Wazir; and Tarbett; Patrol Bases (PB) 7171; Azziz Ullah; Bandini; Beatley; Beirut; Camel; Compton; Deh Karez; Dehanna Station; Detroit; Garrett; Grand Rapids; Griffin; Grosse Pointe; Judge; Khearse; Kimmel; Kunjak; Lakeside; Lambert; Long Beach; Mahar; Mcelhiney; Muller; Hue City; Reading (Tulsa); Rogers; Salaam Bazaar; Salaor Lara; San Jose; Savannah; Shanfield; Sockalosky; Sofla; South Boston; Talibjan; Tijuana; Troy; Typhoon 3; Typhoon 4; Typhoon 5; Wilson; and Zaehringer; and Combat Outposts (COP) Ape Marcie; Azadi; Coutu; Dakota; Himal; Huskers; Mangal (Mangool); Now Zad (Caferetta); Padlek; Panda Ridge; Afghanistan Police Provincial Police Headquarters (AP PPHQ); Seattle; Shamal District Center; and Yazzie.U_AFG_ARCENT Leatherneck and vic POEMS 2007-2014
AFGHANISTANFOB Rushmore and Vivinity2003-01-012014-12-31Rushmore, 5th Afghan Border Patrol (ABP) Compound, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Boris, Combat Outpost (COP) Curry, FOB Kahyr Kot Castle (Khayor Khot Castle), FOB Kushamond, Camp Margah AB, Camp Mata Khan, COP Munoz, FOB Orgun-E, FOB Rushmore, Camp Sar Howza, Camp Shadi, FOB Sharana (Kearney), Firebase Shkin (Lilley), Super FOB Kahyr Kot Castle, FOB Tillman (Lwara), FOB Wazi Khwa, Camp Yahya Khel (Yosef Kel, Yusef Khel), and COP Zerok.U_AFG_ARCENT Rushmore
AFGHANISTANSpin Boldak, Afghanistan2003-09-232014-01-30Spin Boldak Police Center, Arghestan, Daman, Garang, and Sarkari Bagh. Spin Boldak is also known as Spin Buldak and Arghestan is also known as ArghistanU_AFG_ARCENT Spin Boldak POEMS 2002-2014
AFGHANISTANTarin Kowt and Vicinity2004-08-132013-03-02Tarin Kowt and vicinity that includes Firebase (FB) Cobra, Camp Cole, Camp Holland, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Ripley, Kakarez, Nili, Anaconda, Buman, Chora Vigilant Strategic Services Afghanistan (VSSA), Deh Rawod, Ebbert, FOB Hadrian, Khod Village Stability Platform (VSP), FOB Mirwais, Musazai, Saraw, Tabar, Tagaw, Tarin Kowt, FB Tinsley, FB Tycz, Khakrez, Zaylabad, and Wali. Tarin Kowt is also known as Tarinkot, Camp Cole, Camp Ripley, and Camp Holland and Deh Rawod is also known as Deh Rahwod.U_AFG_ARCENT Tarin Kowt
AFGHANISTANBAGRAM2002-01-192010-10-30BagramU_AFG_Bagram POEMS 2002-2010
AFGHANISTANBAGRAM2010-01-012013-05-31Ouellette, Dragon, Charikar(akaOCC-Parwan), Sabalu-Harrison, Red Hill (aka JCOP Pushtaysark), Pul-A-Sayad, Dandar(Dandar VPB), Montrond, Vance, Lacey U_AFG_Bagram Update POEMS 2010-2013
AFGHANISTANBagram Airfield and vicinity, Afghanistan2013-01-012014-12-31Albert, Cunningham, Civilian, Bulldog, Baghak, Bamyan, Charikar (Parwan RTC), Cherry-Beasly, Dandar, Dragon, Hassanbat, Hutnik, Jangali, Kho-e-Safi (Koh e Safi), Lacey, Montrond, Naghlu, Pul-A-Sayad, OCC Parwan, Pushtaysark (Red Hill) and Sabalu-HarrisonU_AFG_Bagram Update POEMS 2013-2014
AFGHANISTANBASTION2006-09-012009-12-31Leatherneck, Tombstone, Barber, VikingU_AFG_Bastion POEMS 2006-2009
AFGHANISTANBLACK HORSE2006-03-012010-10-31U_AFG_Blackhorse POEMS 2006-2010
AFGHANISTANFOB Bostick/COP Monti2006-02-092012-07-31FOB Bostick, COP Monti, COP Pirtle-KingU_AFG_Bostick-Monti POEMS 2006-2012
AFGHANISTANCLARK2006-09-012010-08-14U_AFG_Clark POEMS 2006-2010
AFGHANISTANDWYER2009-01-012011-08-31Achmed, Patrol Base (PB) Alamo, PB Amboy, Amir, Amir Agha, PB Barcha, Blackbird, Bury, PB Darvishan, Delhi, Divilak, Donahue, Combat Outpost (COP) Doost, DPHQ, PB Durzay, PB Empire, PB Fern Gully, Gators, PB Glavey, Gorgak, PB Haji Achmed, observation post (OP)Hand, PB Harris, OP Hassanabad, PB Hernandez, PB Johnson, Jugroom, PB Kadalo Drab, COP Karma, Khan Neshin Castle, PB Kherybad, OP Khojibad, COP Koshtay, OP KT4, Kupak, Laki, Landay, CP Marler, PB Masood, Mays, Mian Poshtay, Montana (OP), PB Pay Bandar, PB Paygel, Payne, PB Paygel, Qal Ye Now, Rankel, Regi Tapa, Rhino, PB Schoolhouse, PB Shamalan, PB Shamshad, Shawqat, Sharp, Shinwar, South Station, PB Sre Kala, Styx, COP Taghaz, PB Tar, PB Torbert, PB Tuffan, PB Walli, PB Wazirabad, PB Wolfpack, PB WoodU_AFG_Dwyer POEMS 2009-2013
AFGHANISTANCamp Dwyer and vicinity2012-01-012014-12-31Achmed, Patrol Base (PB) Alamo, PB Amboy, Amir, Amir Agha, PB Barcha, Blackbird, Bury, PB Darvishan, Delhi, Divilak, Donahue, Combat Outpost (COP) Doost, DPHQ, PB Durzay, PB Empire, PB Fern Gully, Gators, PB Glavey, Gorgak, PB Haji Achmed, observation post (OP)Hand, PB Harris, OP Hassanabad, PB Hernandez, PB Johnson, Jugroom, PB Kadalo Drab, COP Karma, Khan Neshin Castle, PB Kherybad, OP Khojibad, COP Koshtay, OP KT4, Kupak, Laki, Landay, CP Marler, PB Masood, Mays, Mian Poshtay, Montana (OP), PB Pay Bandar, PB Paygel, Payne, PB Paygel, Qal Ye Now, Rankel, Regi Tapa, Rhino, PB Schoolhouse, PB Shamalan, PB Shamshad, Shawqat, Sharp, Shinwar, South Station, PB Sre Kala, Styx, COP Taghaz, PB Tar, PB Torbert, PB Tuffan, PB Walli, PB Wazirabad, PB Wolfpack, PB WoodU_AFG_Dwyer POEMS 2012-2014
AFGHANISTANFOB Farah and Vicinity2004-05-022013-09-18Farah, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Chaghcharan, FOB Leimbach, Joint Combat Outpost (JCOP) Pusht-Rod, FOB Rescorla, FOB Shewan Garrison, FOB BakwaU_AFG_FOB Farah and vicinity
AFGHANISTANGARDEZ2003-01-012010-12-31Lightning, Thunder, Goode, Zormat, Deysie, Tellier/WildernessU_AFG_Gardez POEMS 2003-2010
AFGHANISTANGhazni AO and Vicinity2006-06-222014-08-29Forward Operating Base (FOB) Ghazni and vicinity that includes: Camps Bakawol, and Shagowlay; Combat Outposts (COP) Ab Band, Ajiristan, Band-E Sarde, Deh Yak (Dey Yak), Four Corners, Giro, Miri, Pace,and Rickets (Moqur, Moqor); FOBs Andar, Aryan (Arian, Askar Kot), Ghazni (Woods), Warrior (Gelan, Peppers); and Fire Base (FB) Sharana-Ghazni (Doa China). U_AFG_Ghazni and vicinity 2006-2014
AFGHANISTANGHAZNI2004-03-152013-05-08Band-E Sardeh, Dey Yak, Four Corners, Giro, Kushamond (Pacemaker), Qara Bagh (Qara Abad), VulcanU_AFG_Ghazni POEMS 2004-2013
AFGHANISTANJALALABAD2003-11-232011-02-15Duffman, Fenty, Finley-Shields, Gamberi, Hughie, NangarharU_AFG_Jalalabad POEMS 2003-2011
AFGHANISTANKABUL2010-01-012012-01-03Kabul International Airport (KAIA), U.S. Embassy, New Kabul Compound, Kabul Military Training Center, Kabul International Security Assistance Force, Eggers, Julien, Dubbs, Morehead, Phoenix, Blackhorse, Pol-e-CharkiU_AFG_Kabul POEMS 2010-2012
AFGHANISTANKANDAHAR AFLD2002-06-012009-09-30U_AFG_Kandahar Airfield POEMS 2002-2009
AFGHANISTANKorengal (KOB), Afghanistan2006-07-152012-12-31Korengal Outpost, Camp Able Main (Pesh Bridge), Camp WataporU_AFG_Korengal POEMS 2006-2012
AFGHANISTANFOB Lashkar Gar and vicinity, Afghanistan2009-09-202013-03-28(FOB) Lashkar Gar and vicinity that includes the 103 bases in the Nahr Sarraji, Sangin, Kajaki, Nawa-i-Barakzay and Lashkar Gar districts U_AFG_Lashkar Gar POEMS 2009-2013
AFGHANISTANPENICH2003-09-132013-04-06Fiaz, Fortress, Joyce, Blessing, Honaker-Miracle, MichiganU_AFG_Penich-Wright POEMS 2003-2013
AFGHANISTANSALERNO2002-10-182011-03-29U_AFG_Salerno POEMS 2002-2011
AFGHANISTANSHARANA2003-01-012010-12-31U_AFG_Sharana POEMS 2003-2010
AFGHANISTANSHINDAND AB2003-01-012014-11-15Henderson, Shaf, Napier, ThomasU_AFG_Shindand AB POEMS 2003-2014
AFGHANISTANSPANN2003-11-122011-10-08Marmal, Jordania, Meymaneh, HairatanU_AFG_Spann POEMS 2003-2011
AFGHANISTANSTONE2006-02-012011-04-01U_AFG_Stone POEMS 2006-2011
IRAQAL ASAD2003-07-012011-12-31U_IRQ_Al Asad POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQAL ISKANDARIYAH2003-03-192011-12-31U_IRQ_Al Iskandariyah POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQAL KUT2003-04-282011-08-31Al Ezdahar, Delta, GeigerU_IRQ_Al Kut POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQAR RAMADI2003-07-232011-09-01Adalla, Ali, Anbar Training Center, Blue Diamond, Corrigedor, COP Eagle, Hurricane Point, Lewis, TashU_IRQ_Ar Ramadi POEMS 2002-2011(Close of BC)
IRAQAs Sulamaniyah and vicinity, Iraq2003-04-132010-12-03Patrol Base (PB) Andrea and Forward Operating Base (FOB) SuseU_IRQ_As Sulamaniyah POEMS 2003-2006
IRAQBAGHDAD2003-04-152011-05-08Adhamiyah, Tharwa, Rusafa, Nissan, KaradahU_IRQ_Baghdad North POEMS 2003-2011 (Close of BC)
IRAQBAGHDAD2003-03-192011-12-31Al Dora, COP 821, COP 863, Doura, Falahat, Falcon, Karb de Gla II, Knight, Sadiyah, White FalconU_IRQ_Baghdad South POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQBALAD2003-04-012009-10-31AnacondaU_IRQ_Balad POEMS 2003-2009
IRAQBALAD2009-10-012011-11-30AnacondaU_IRQ_Balad POEMS 2009-2011(Close of BC)
IRAQBASRA2003-03-012011-12-31Qarmat Ali, Combat Outpost (COP) Perry, Basra Palace, the Old State Building, and Camp Wessam. Other areas in Basra where military personnel were located include the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant, the Basra Operations Center, Thar Allah’s offices and the Haniyah district.U_IRQ_Basra-Qarmat Ali POEMS 2003-2011(Close of BC)
IRAQBUCCA2003-04-092011-02-10Umm QasarU_IRQ_Bucca and Umm Qasar POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQCALDWELL2003-07-282010-04-03U_IRQ_Caldwell POEMS 2003-2010
IRAQEast Baghdad and vicinity, Iraq2003-10-022011-05-13East Baghdad, Iraq and vicinity that includes Joint Security Station (JSS) Adl, JSS Ur, JSS Ameriyah, JSS Ghazaliyah, JSS Hurriyah, JSS Khadra, JSS Sheik Malouf, JSS Washash, JSS Yarmouk, Iron Red Falcon, Camp Dakota, and FOB Independence. JSS Hurriyah AKA Camp Hurriya, Camp Liberty. FOB Justice AKA Camp Justice, Camp Al-Adala, AKA Camp Banzai AKA Camp Dakota.U_IRQ_East Baghdad POEMS 2002-2011
IRAQGREEN ZONE2003-03-012011-05-31Fernandez, Freedom I, Freedom Rest, Honor, Prosperity, Union, Union III, Ibn Sina Hospital, International Zone Embassy, Embassy Estate, International Zone Travis, International Zone USAID, Riverside Billeting, Blackhawk, Steel DragonU_IRQ_Green Zone POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQHAMMER2003-03-192011-08-31Besyimah Range, Kersaw RangeU_IRQ_Hammer POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQKALSU and Vicinity2004-07-242011-09-17Camp Kalsu and Contingency Operating Site (COS/COP) KalsuU_IRQ_Kalsu POEMS 2004-2011
IRAQFOB McHenry and vicinity, Iraq2003-10-062011-05-31Forward Operating Base (FOB) McHenry, Iraq and vicinity that includes FOBs Jalil, Masafe, Rifles, Riyhad Crossing and Zeighton CrossingU_IRQ_McHenry POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQNORMANDY2003-09-242009-10-10MilledgeU_IRQ_Normandy POEMS 2003-2009(Close of BC)
IRAQQ-WEST2003-04-012010-08-01Qayyarah, Endurance, Jaguar, Ash-ShuraU_IRQ_Q-West POEMS 2003-2010(Close of BC)
IRAQSPEICHER2003-05-012011-10-31Al Sahra, SycamoreU_IRQ_Speicher POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQFOB Summerall and vicinity, Iraq2003-05-252009-05-30Joint Security Station (JSS) Siniyah and Combat Outpost (COP) SummersU_IRQ_Summerall POEMS 2003-2009
IRAQTAJI2009-09-012011-09-01U_IRQ_Taji POEMS 2009-2011
IRAQTall Afar and Camp Sykes, Iraq2003-07-122009-08-28Tal Afar, Tell Afar, Tel Afar, and Tel Afer and Camp Sykes also known as Forward Operating Base SykesU_IRQ_Tall Afar POEMS 2003-2009
IRAQTallil Air Base 2003-03-012011-10-31Tallil Air Base (AB), Ali AB, An Nasariyah, Camp Adder, Camp Mittica, Convoy Support Center (CSC) Cedar II, and Main Supply Road (MSR) Tampa SouthU_IRQ_Tallil Air Base
IRAQTAQADDUM2003-10-182011-12-31Habbaniyah, VikingU_IRQ_Taqaddum-Habbaniyah POEMS 2003-2011
IRAQCamp Viper and Vicinity2003-03-012009-04-30Camp Viper, Combat Outpost (COP) 9, Kenworth.U_IRQ_Viper POEMS 2003-2009
KSAEskan Village1999-10-012015-12-31Eskan VillageU_KSA_Eskan Village
SAUDI ARABIAESKAN VILLAGE1999-10-012012-10-31U_KSA_Eskan Village POEMS 1999-2012
KUWAITSPOD, Arifjan and KNB2002-03-212008-12-31Shuaiba Port, Kuwait and vicinity that includes Camp Arifjan and Kuwait Naval BaseU_KUW_ SPODE POEMS 2002-2008
KUWAITKUWAIT CITY AIRBASE2003-01-012012-09-30Abdullah Al MubarakU_KUW_Abdullah Al Mubarak POEMS 2003-2012
KUWAITALI AL SALEM2004-05-012012-09-30U_KUW_Ali Al Salem AB POEMS 2004-2012
KUWAITShuaiba Port,Camp Arifjan and Kuwait Naval Base (KNB).2009-01-012014-09-07Shuaiba Port and vicinity,Camp Arifjan and Kuwait Naval Base (KNB).U_KUW_Shuaiba Port and Vicinity POEMS 2009-2014
KYRGYZSTANBISHKEK-MANAS2001-12-162012-08-31U_KYR_Manas POEMS 2002-2012
OMANTHUMRAIT AB2010-04-012012-08-31U_OMN_Thumrait AB POEMS 2010-2012
QATARALUDEID2004-05-012012-09-30U_QTR_Al Udeid AB POEMS 2004-2012
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESAL DHAFRA AB2001-12-012010-12-31U_UAE_Al Dhafra AB POEMS 2002-2013
UZBEKISTANKarshi-Khanabad Airbase, Uzbekistan2001-10-012005-04-30Camp Stronghold Freedom, Karshi-Khanabad Airbase, Karshi-Khanabad Airfield, K2U_UZB_Karshi-Khanabad POEMS 2001-2005