Operational Noise

Last Updated: July 27, 2018
Meter showing decible level

​Information on assessing and managing noise impacts generated by military operations. Services include noise modeling, on-site noise monitoring, Operational Noise Management Plan development, NEPA support and consultative services.


The Operational Noise Program (ONP) can assist Army and other DoD personnel with information and/or document review for matters pertaining to noise generated by military training and operations. Additionally, the ONP can offer information regarding aspects necessary for developing effective and comprehensive Noise Management Programs at Army testing and training ranges and facilities.

NEPA Support

The Operational Noise Program (ONP) can assist in all aspects of noise analysis required for compliance with NEPA. Services include noise contour generation for existing activities and proposed alternatives, development and/or review of noise sections of Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements, and representation at community scoping meetings.

Noise Modeling

The APHC has expertise in DoD computerized noise models for aircraft, small arms, large caliber weapons and demolition activity. The noise contours are used to evaluate land use compatibility and determine complaint risk of existing and proposed operations.

Noise Monitoring

Though noise modeling is the primary means of assessing noise impacts, the Operational Noise Program (ONP) has the personnel and equipment capability to conduct on-site noise monitoring. Monitoring can offer valuable information regarding actual noise levels when the source or operations cannot be modeled or in instances where on-site monitoring is used as a community relations tool.

Operational Noise Management Plans

The Operational Noise Program (ONP) is highly qualified to develop Operational Noise Management Plans for Army testing and training facilities. Since 1999, the ONP has developed over 80 comprehensive Noise Management Plans for Army and Army National Guard installations and training sites.