Waste Management

 Environmental Management

Last Updated: August 09, 2018

​We conduct studies of former hazardous waste storage or spill sites to determine whether they have been adequately cleaned to protect the military public health and environment. These include site clearances to evaluate construction or renovation sites to ensure protection of the health of construction workers and future occupants; relative risk site evaluation (RRSE) to evaluate the presence of contaminants, potential for migration, and exposure pathways.

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Emergency Preparedness
  • CBRN Waste Management and Characterization - Review DoD doctrine, directives, policy, training, and other technical documents for accuracy, completeness, and consistency between existing documents and current requirements.
  • CBRN Emergency Response - Provide waste management and environmental sampling guidance support to the CSEPP, the Interagency Biological Restoration Demonstration and other organizations working at the national level on homeland security/defense initiatives.
  • Contingency Planning - Develop and review waste management plans, storage facility adequacy, and disposal options for waste generated in support and during medical events.
Deployment Support
  • Hazardous and Medical Waste Consultations (Surveys) - Provide guidance and on-site support to deployed/CONUS military personnel on issues dealing with the characterization, collection, storage, management, and disposal of hazardous and medical waste in order to comply with applicable regulations (RCRA, OEBGD, FGS, State, and DoD/AR 200-1) to minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Deployment Hazardous and Medical Waste Products - Prepare, provide, and update various information products as needed for deployed personnel (e.g. TB-MED 593,  Field Medical Waste Training Class, Decontamination of Items contaminated with body fluids, etc.).
  • Disaster Recovery Support - Provide on-site and reach-back support on hazardous and medical waste management and environmental exposure characterization guidance to military personnel responding to natural and man-made disasters.