Food & Water Risk Assessments

Last Updated: July 31, 2018
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​Food & Water Risk Assessments (FWRA) are conducted when there are no or insufficient DoD approved food sources available to support short-term events and exercises outside the continual United States (OCONUS). Food, bottled water, and ice providers are assessed using a risk based assessment for actual or potential health threats; intentional and unintentional microbiological, chemical, or physical contamination of the feeding system and products; evaluating potential exposure pathways; and determining countermeasures and mitigation strategies to control or reduce the health threats to DoD personnel. The senior operational commander or designated COCOM representative makes the final decision to use or not use a facility assessed under the FWRA program.

​Questions regarding Food & Water Risk Assessments may be directed to the APHC Food Protection Program, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.