Public Health Assessment & Program Evaluation

What is a Program Evaluation Consultation?

Last Updated: December 15, 2017

​A Program Evaluation Consultation is a service offered by the Army Public Health Center (APHC) and its Public Health Assessment Program (PHAP).

Program Evaluation Consultation involves a process, adhering to validated public health principles and practices, that can assist in verifying the impact of a program, determining program strengths and weaknesses, whether the resources used by a program are justified, and even why leadership should allocate more resources if a program is successful.  A Program Evaluation Consultation can provide a program "snapshot".

​What type of programs can be evaluated?

Program Evaluation applies validated measures to determine feasibility.  Using qualitative and quantitative methods of evidence collection and analysis, a PHAP team can evaluate multiple types of programs within the public health sphere.  The key to program evaluation is that the techniques used for evaluation can be tailored to each individual program, while Subject Matter Experts are an integral part of the team as well as key local/installation-level stakeholders.

What's in it for you?

Program Evaluation Consultation can:

    • Verify that you're doing what you think you're doing
    • Improve implementation to be more efficient and less costly
    • Produce evidence that can be used for promoting the program's success
    • Provide data to make valid comparisons between programs
    • Examine and describe effective programs for replication
    • Validate the costs of a program and the use of funds
    • Facilitate leaderships' understanding of what the program is about and why resources should be forthcoming

Examples of completed Program Evaluations (available from the Defense Technical Information Center)

  • Retrospective Evaluation of a Mobile Behavioral Health Service in Garrison, Fort Carson, Colorado, April 2010
  • Evaluation of a Pilot Social Work Outreach Program Using Combat and Operational Stress Control Principles in Garrison, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, June - September 2009

 Other Reports

  • Literature Review of Military-Related Suicide Prevention Programs July-September 2009, Update Provided June 2010

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