Public Health Assessment & Program Evaluation 

The Public Health Assessment Program (PHAP), located within the Army Public Health Center (APHC), provides the essential service of Program Evaluation.  This is the systematic collection of information to assist stakeholders to better understand their program, improve its effectiveness, and make decisions about program planning.

PHAP uses the public health process and principles to demonstrate the success or progress of programs, examine their strengths and weaknesses, identify best practices and improve the design and implementation of programs.  Our current focus reflects issues important to Soldiers and the Army Family such as:  Healthy Communities; Nutrition, Activity and Sleep; Tobacco;  Obesity;  ArmyMOVE!;  Soldier Fitness Tracker;  Community and Brigade Health Promotion Teams; Army Wellness Centers; Soldier Medical Readiness; and Embedded Behavioral Health.  PHAP has also played an integral role in working with Army Programs within the Health Promotion Risk Reduction Portfolio to provide strategic program evaluation consultation.



Public Health Program Evaluation: What is it?

Public health program evaluation involves the systematic collection of information that helps stakeholders understand a program, improve its effectiveness, and make decisions about future program planning.


What is a Program Evaluation Consultation?

Program Evaluation can assist in verifying the impact of a program, determining program strengths and weaknesses, whether the resources used by a program are justified, and why leadership should allocate more resources if a program is successful.