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Last Updated: December 15, 2017
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Combat is more stressful than any training. Security and support operations can also involve heavy stress, even without combat. Mental and physical fitness will help you endure the stress of combat and military operations. 

The day-to-day stress that comes with stability and support operations (SASOs) can at times be as bad as that of major combat.  Emotionally distracted Soldiers can endanger the mission, the unit, and themselves. 

Knowing how you can help yourself, the Soldiers in your unit, your battle buddy, or your family members is important. 

Often, just talking to a friend, leader, or health professional who listens, tries to understand, and praises their strengths, is all people need to find their own answers.

The following resources are provided as useful tools to help if someone you know is in distress.

Technical Guide 320, Guide to Coping with Deployment and Combat Stress 
Link opens on APHC HIP e-Catalog web page.  Must click to download.
  • Combat & Operational Stress Reactions
  • Coping with Stress in Stability and Support Operations
  • OIF/OEF TIPS - Providing Support to Soldiers in Distress: Battle Buddy Aid
  • OIF/OEF TIPS – Helping a Soldier  in Distress for Leaders
  • Coping with Deployment Separation (Deployed Parent and Caregiver)
  • Sleep Management and Soldier Readiness: A Guide for Leaders and Soldiers
  • The Injured and Dead

FM 6-22.5 Combat Operational Stress Control Manual for Leaders and SoldiersExternal Link March 2009

Chapter 1 Combat and Operational Stress Reaction Identification External Link
Chapter 2 Combat and Operational Stress Prevention, Management, and Control External Link
Chapter 3 Command Leadership Actions and Combat and Operational Stress Control Programs External Link
Chapter 4 Sleep Deprivation External Link
Chapter 5 Potentially Life-Threatening Thoughts and Behaviors External Link


Redeployment Health Guide

Soldier Combat Stress Reaction: A Pocket Guide for Spouse and Loved Ones (APHC)

Return from deployment is a time of great excitement, but can also be one of stress and adjustment.  This guide helps family members and loved ones understand the stressors Soldiers may have encountered and suggests ways to cope.

Combat & Operational Stress Control (COSC) AKO Web Page External Link

AMEDD Behavioral Health External Link
Check out this Army Medical Department web page with multiple links to information for Soldiers on behavioral health topics.
CSF2 Resiliency Training and Products External Link

Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Resilience Training reflects a strength-based, positive psychological approach to Warrior behavioral health.  It is designed for Warriors, Leaders, Families and Behavioral Health Providers.  Training and information is targeted to all phases of the Warrior deployment cycle, Warrior life cycle and Warrior support system.

Policy Documents related to Combat & Operational Stress Control

(documents specifically on combat & operational stress control are in red)

 DoD Directives

1010.4External Link 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse by DoD Personnel

1010.10External Link 

Health Promotion and Disease/Injury Prevention

6400.1External Link 

Army Family Advocacy Program (AFAP)

6490.5External Link 

Combat Stress Control (CSC) Programs

 DoD Instructions

6400.3External Link 

Family Advocacy Command Assistance Team

6490.4External Link 

Requirements for Mental Health Evaluations of Members of the Military Services

Army Regulations

AR 40-5External Link 

Preventive Medicine

AR 40-66External Link 

Medical Record Administration and Healthcare Documentation

AR 40-501External Link 

Standards of Medical Fitness

AR 351-3External Link 

Professional Education and Training Programs of the Army Medical Department

AR 600-85External Link 

The Army Substance Abuse Program

AR 608-1External Link 

Army Community Service Center

AR 608-18External Link 

Army Family Advocacy Program

 Field Manuals  Access AMEDD FMs on the  CAR Army Training Network web page External Link (AKO)

FM 4-02.24

Area Support Medical Battalion Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

FM 6-22.5

Combat Operational Stress Control Manual

FM 4-02.7

Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations

FM 4-02.21

Brigade and Division Surgeons' Handbook

FM 4-02.2

Medical Evacuation

FM 4-02.51

Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations (FM 8-51)

FM 8-55

Planning for Health Service Support

FM 6-22

Army Leadership

FM 22-51

Leaders' Manual for Combat Stress Control

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Community Behavioral Health Operations Program (APHC)