Men's Health 

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There are health conditions that only affect men, such as prostate cancer and low testosterone. Many of the major health risks that men face, such as colon cancer or heart disease, can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis. When these diseases are found early they are easier to treat. It is important to have regular checkups and screenings tests.

June is Men's Health Month and 13-17 June is Men’s Health Week.  The purpose of these observances is to encourage men to "make health a priority" through education, prevention and in the identification of those at risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and accidents/injuries. 

National Men’s Health Week External link

Take action to be healthy and safe and encourage men and boys in your life to make their health a priority. Learn about steps men can take each day to improve health.

Cancer and Men External link

Every year, cancer claims the lives of nearly 300,000 men in America. With early detection and treatment, more men who are diagnosed with cancer can survive each year.

Healthy Living for Men External link

CDC provides publications, tip sheets, men's health data, and screening information on a variety of health issues related to men's health.

Men's Health: MedlinePlus External link

NIH provides overviews, current news, and prevention/screening information on specific conditions related to men's health to include cancer, low testosterone, depression, and more.

Exercise May Lower Risk of Death for Men with Prostate Cancer External link ScienceDaily (Jan 2011)

A study of men with prostate cancer finds that physical activity is associated with a lower risk of overall mortality and of death due to prostate cancer. (Journal of Clinical Oncology)