Be Warrior Ready with Good Nutrition 

This site is designed to provide nutritional resources for Service members and their Families in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Good nutrition is vital to good health, disease prevention, and essential for healthy growth and development.

Performance Triad: Nutrition  Performance Triad NutritionThe Army Surgeon General has championed the Performance Triad of Activity, Nutrition and Sleep, to build resilience, improve readiness and enhance the health of the Army family. Performance Triad external link

Check out the nutrition information in ARMY Medicine! external link

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Dietary Supplements

This page provides you with information on food and dietary supplements.

Fit For Performance Nutrition Handouts and Resources

Participant handouts and resources for Fit For Performance (FFP)

Fit For Performance Powered by P3 (Performance Triad)

Policy and resources on a lifestyle and behavior modification program designed to help Soldiers lose weight and/or body fat.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition tools for healthy shopping, cooking, eating, and food safety for people of all ages.

Military Nutrition Initiatives

Nutrition initiatives within the military that are designed to create healthy eating environments to encourage healthy eating behaviors.

Nutrition Strategy, Timing, and Hydration

This page will inform readers on meal planning and hydration.

Performance Nutrition

Information on nutrition, healthy eating, food, healthy weight, soldiers, and weight management programs.