Oral Fitness

Last Updated: June 22, 2020
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Toddler girl brushing teeth

‚ÄčOral Fitness/ Dental Readiness is essential for unit readiness.

The best way to maintain oral fitness is to prevent dental disease from developing in the first place. 

The mouth has essential functions including:

  • Energy Intake (Sustainment)
  • Communication (Operations)

Oral diseases have a disruptive effect on mobilization and sustainment operations.

  • Time treating oral diseases or injuries detracts from unit maintenance and training.
  •  Soldiers who are free of oral disease are far less likely to require dental treatment during deployment.
  •  Soldiers who maximize their Oral Fitness support the Army transformation to a more responsive, lethal, agile, versatile, survivable, and sustainable force.

Decay Risk Self-Check

Do you know your chances of getting tooth decay? This short, 10-question tool is designed to help you find out what you can do to decrease your risk.  This tool cannot diagnose any medical or dental condition.  Please contact your dental care provider regarding any specific concerns that you may have regarding your oral health. The information that you provide is strictly confidential.