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 Pregnancy When in the Military

Last Updated: April 01, 2021
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Are there health risks to my baby from permethrin treated uniforms? 

AR 40-502, Medical ReadinessExternal Link, states that female Soldiers who are pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant Soldiers are authorized to wear a non-permethrin treated ACU or maternity uniform. ALL maternity uniforms are non-permethrin treated, and obtained through central issue facilities. Soldiers must obtain a temporary e-profile authorizing the wear of a uniform without permethrin.

For more information contact your local Preventive Medicine Support Staff.  Send e-mail inquiries concerning the DoD Insect Repellent System and the ACU Permethrin to the DoD Pesticide Hotline, pesticide.hotline@amedd.army.mil or call 410-436-3773 / DSN 584-3773.

Can uniforms be mixed for pregnant Soldiers?

Pregnant Soldiers are authorized to wear the following itemsExternal Link in the Operational Camouflage Pattern with the Universal Camouflage Pattern Maternity Army Combat Uniform and Patrol Cap: Nametape, U.S. Army Nametape, Rank Insignia, current Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for Former Wartime Service. Pregnant Soldiers may also wear the Coyote Brown T-shirt and Coyote Brown Boots with the Universal Camouflage Pattern Maternity ACU. This change only applies to the Maternity Army Combat Uniform.

How long is the deployment deferral policy for new mothers?  

In 2020, Mother deployment deferral policy was standardized across the services for 12 months after childbirth.  A member of the armed forces who gives birth while on active duty may be deployed during the period of 12 months beginning on the date of such birth only with the approval of a health care provider employed at a military medical treatment facility and (1) at the election of such member; or (2) in the interest of national security.Source: NDAA 2020, Public Law 116-92 (Sec 572)External Link.

What do I need to know about immunization before, during, and after pregnancy?

The CDC states that when you get vaccines, you protect yourself and give your baby early protection. Get a flu shot and whooping cough vaccine during each pregnancy to help protect yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy is a Crucial Time for Immunization HealthExternal Link It is a most important time in a woman's life to be fully immunized against disease.

What does the DoD Military Equal Opportunity (EO) Program state related to pregnancy?

DoDi 1350.02 (2020)External Link states that pregnancy is now considered the basis for discrimination in the military EO policy.

What does the Military Parental Leave Program allow for new moms?

The Military Parental Leave ProgramExternal Link establishes and consolidates policies for non-chargeable entitlements for Soldiers in connection with the birth or adoption of a child.

Are there workplace exposures that I should be concerned about related to reproduction and pregnancy?

Find the recommended weight limits for lifting at workExternal Link during pregnancy based on ACOG guidelines.

Find summaries to research of some hazards faced by women in the workplaceExternal Link and industry-specific research from CDC. 

Does the Army have a physical training program to help Soldiers maintain fitness during and after pregnancy?

Yes, find out the details about the Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Program (P3T).External Link