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Last Updated: December 18, 2017



Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects people from all backgrounds.   Knowing how to identify warning signs and the promotion of healthy relationship behaviors are essential tools for dealing with this problem.  The following links provide information on risk factors, prevention strategies, resources and programs to protect you and your loved ones from domestic violence. 

Domestic Violence Fact Sheet External Link (non-government) 

Intimate Partner Violence External Link  (government)

Support for Domestic Violence Victims External Link (non-government) 

National Domestic Violence Hotline External Link  (non-government) 

APHC Domestic Violence Prevention Resources  (government)

State Coalitions Work to Reduce Rules in Domestic Violence Shelters from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services & the Administration for Children & Families External Link

Abusers often control victims of domestic violence by imposing rules. Then survivors may go to shelters where they encounter more rules. To improve the experiences of survivors and to help them regain autonomy, state domestic violence coalitions across the country are working to help domestic violence shelters reduce or eliminate rules.

Sexual Assault

The Department of Defense has taken a strong stance against sexual assault; it is a crime and it will not be tolerated.  Our leaders are committed to maintaining a culture that rejects sexual assault and reinforces prevention and accountability. 

DOD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response External Link   (government)

Sexual Assault External Link  (government)

SHARP Program, I. A.M. STRONG External Link  (government)

APHC Sexual Assault Prevention Resources  (government)