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Last Updated: August 02, 2018
When to Use Chain of Custody for Samples Being Submitted

The AIPH (VET) MEMO B12-11 "Sample Collection Chain of Custody (COC)", 2 November 2012, provides information for the use of Chain of Custody documentation when submitting samples to APHC laboratories.  A COC ensures integrity, accountability and documentation from the time of sample collection until the sample is processed at the lab.  Questions regarding whether a particular sample needs a COC initiated can be directed to DoD FADL personnel.    

A COC is required for the following sample submissions:

  • Initial audit
  • Special audit
  • Directed audit
  • Foods associated with a foodborne illness
  • Foreign matter determinations
  • Contractual compliance (for example, when DSCP requests testing for contract/specification requirements)
Special Note for Submitting Water for Radiological Testing

When submitting water for radiological testing in addition to any other requested micro/chemical testing, an additional COC document and DA Form 7539 must be submitted for the radiological sample.  See the submission guide for additional information.

For more information and guidance, contact the DoD FADL's Field Technical Support Section

DA Form 4137 Evidence/Property Custody Document External Link and DA Form 7539 Request for Veterinary Laboratory Testing & Food Sample Record External Link are located in the DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics' Resource Materials.