DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics
Cholinesterase Reference Laboratory 

The Cholinesterase Reference Laboratory supports the DoD Chemical Surety Program:

  • Performs occupational health medical surveillance
  • Maintains the reference laboratory
  • Maintains the database repository

Mission: Ensure cholinesterase-testing standardization within the Department of Defense (DoD) Cholinesterase Monitoring Program which:

·         Ensures proper occupational health monitoring of personnel engaged in chemical agent stockpile and demilitarization operations

·         Provides technical guidance and expertise to several DOD entities as well as non-DOD federal agencies

·         Provides quality assurance oversight, comparative analysis, proficiency testing and on-site compliance inspections to ten satellite laboratories engaged in Red Blood Cell Cholinesterase testing

·         Supports the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and several DOD facilities and contractors engaged in chemical agent defense research, with RBC-ChE analysis of their personnel

Location: Regional Health Command - Central (Provisional)


Points of Contact:
Supervisor: 210-295-4188; DSN: 421-4188
Alternates: 210-295-4680; DSN: 421-4680