DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic

 DoD FADL Chemistry Section

Last Updated: March 08, 2023
Ensure food safety, food protection and contractual compliance through chemical analysis of food and bottled water. Provide substance testing for feed and bedding. 
  • Routinely performs 23 methodologies with additional capabilities if needed
  • Chemists and Physical Science Technicians utilize numerous sophisticated instruments and wet chemistry methods to support the mission.
  • DoD programs include: Destination Monitoring, Initial Sanitation Audits, Veterinary Research
  • Investigate various "unknowns" in foods, beverages, medicines, etc. received through customer complaints and suspect food borne illnesses.  Probable identifications determined by chemical analysis and/or physical exam.

  • Water – metals, pesticides, anions, cyanide, turbidity, pH, gross alpha and gross beta
  • Seafood – mercury, histamine, biogenic amines, chloramphenicol, metals
  • Dairy – phosphatase, acidity
  • Feed – fat, ash, moisture, crude fiber, protein
  • Bedding - metals
  • Meat – fat
  • Other – salt, water activity, O2/CO2 , Leak Test
  • Unknowns – foreign objects, food borne illness, customer complaints

Points of Contact:
Supervisor: 210-295-4254; DSN: 421-4254
Team Leads: 210-295-4157; DSN: 421-4157