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 DoD FADL Forms and Documents

Last Updated: August 08, 2022

​DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory (FADL) sample submission forms, DoD FADL Sample Submission Guide, USDA and CDC shipping certification, and related documents.

DoD Diagnostic Forms
  1. DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory Submission Guide (TG 361)
  2. SARS CoV 2 Animal Diagnostic Submission Guide 24 MAR 2021
  3. Screening Patients for Rabies Antibodies Brochure  (Appendix A - RFFIT Brochure)
  4. Submission form for Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test (RFFIT) for rabies antibody titer (FADL Form D-137)
  5. Sample collection, processing, shipping and receiving RFFIT SOP (SOP D-076)
  6. DoDMWDVSSerology Test Request (FADL Form D-128LAFB) 7 Oct 2020 (For JBSA Lackland only)
  7. DoDMWDVSMolecular Diagnostic Test Request (FADL Form D-192A) 28 Feb 2020 
  8. MWD BankedAnnual Blood and Serum Submission Form (FADL Form D-127) 28 Feb 2020 
  9. InteragencyDogs Serology Test Request (FADL Form D-128IAD) 28 Feb 2020 
  10. MWD SerologyTest Request (FADL Form D-128MWD) 7 Oct 2020 
  11. POA SerologyTest Request (FADL Form D-128POA) 7 Oct 2020 
  12. Request forFAVN-OIE Rabies Antibody Test (FADL Form D-132A) 28 Feb 2020
  13. FAVN OIEInstructions for Importation/Exportation of Dogs and Cats (FADL Form D-132B)Feb 2020 
  14. Credit CardAuthorization Form (FADL Form D-132C) 28 Feb 2020 
  15. CDC Biological agents, infectious substance, and vectorpermit Exp Nov 2020
  16. Request For Laboratory Determination Of Rabies​External Link

***Information regarding pet travel requirements provided on the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceExternal Link website. 

DoD FADL Field Technical Support (FTS) Documents

  1. DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory Submission Guide (TG 361)
  2. Request for Veterinary Laboratory Testing and Food Sample Record (DA Form 7539)
  3. APHIS Permit 140760 Animal Feed (Nov 2021)
  4. APHIS Permit 100707 Clostridium Perfringens bioballs (Mar 2022)
  5. APHIS Permit 114499 Leptospira species isolates (Mar 2022)
  6. APHIS Permit 110692 West Nile virus (May 2022)
  7. APHIS Permit 134557 Dead mosquitos, sandflies, ticks, fleas and other arthropod vectors (Aug 2021)
  8. APHIS Permit 51279 Bioballs (Aug 2022)
  9. APHIS Permit 101539 Salmonella spp, E. coli 0157:H7, Listeria spp, and /or Campylobacter spp.(Dec 2021)
  10. APHIS Permit 42917 Pork and poultry meat, dairy samples, and/or equine sera (porcine, avian, bovine, and equine origin) (Dec 2021)
  11. APHIS Permit 49136 U.S. returned beef samples (uncooked) – bovine origin (Dec 2021)
  12. CDC Bio​logical agents, infectious substance, and vector permit Exp May 2023
  13. Evidence/Property Custody Document (DA 4137)External Link

DoD FADL Pet Travel Requirements Documents

  1. FADL Form D-132A - Request for FAVN-OIE Rabies Antibody Test FILLABLE 
  2. FADL Form D-132B - FAVN Instructions 
  3. FADL Form D-132C - Credit Card Authorization FILLABLE 
  4. Pet Travel Information
  5. CDC permit for pet travel requirement

DoDFADL SARS-CoV-2 (Human)
  1. DoDFADL SARS-CoV-2 Pooled Surveillance Sample Submission Guide (V1) 28 January 2021 
  2. COVID -19 Surveillance Submission Form

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