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 DoD FADL Field Technical Support (FTS) Section

Last Updated: March 08, 2023
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Field Technical Support (FTS) provides guidance for food, water and environmental samples.  FTS works closely with each customer to meet the individual needs for sample testing and reporting.  FTS supports each FADL section by providing supply, sample/contract support and ensures all needs are met for sample testing.  Additionally, USDA and CDC permits are maintained by FTS.

Points of Contact:

Supervisor:  210-295-4708
Alternate:  210-295-4210/5863/4208  DSN:  421-XXXX

​REQUIRED PERMITS for sending samples from OCONUS to DoD FADL

Required permits for samples arriving from OCONUS, lab submission guide, request for veterinary laboratory testing and food sample record (DA Form 7539) and Chain of Custody form (DA Form 4137) can be found under DoD FADL Forms and Documents Field Technical Support (FTS Documents)