DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics
DoD FADL Field Technical Support (FTS) Section 

Provides guidance on food, water, animal and insect sample submission; test reporting; and the Prime Vendor (PV) Destination Monitoring Program.

Points of Contact:
Supervisor: 210-295-4708: DSN: 421-4708 
Alternates: 210-295-4210/4208/4159; DSN: 421-4210/4208/4159                                                                        


FADL Food Safety and Technical Support Section

REQUIRED PERMITS for sending samples from OCONUS to DoD FADL
The following permits should be included in the shipping documents when submitting samples from OCONUS areas. 

APHIS Permit 42917 Pork Poultry Dairy Equine Sera Expires Dec 2015
Submit with pork, poultry, dairy, and equine sera samples FADL Lab Tech

APHIS Permit 49136 US Returned Beef Samples Uncooked Expires Nov 2015  
Submit with US returned beef only; Beef from all other origins is prohibited

APHIS Permit 51279 Bioballs Expires Aug 2015

APHIS Permit 100707 C perfringens Campy Jejuni Expires Dec 2015

APHIS Permit 101539 Salmonella Ecoli Listeria Campylobacter Expires Nov 2015

APHIS Permit 116092 West Nile Virus Expires May 2015
CDC Permit 2014-07-158 Blood, Tissue from Humans, Animals, and Dead Insects Expires Jul 2015
Submit with animal serum, blood, tissue samples (EIA, etc.)

For further information on import permits, please contact staff at (210) 295-4604/4708 (main office).


Related Documents and Forms

The following forms can be found under DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostics Resource Materials:

For information on the use of Chain of Custody form (DA 4137 external link) for samples being submitted, click on When to Use Chain of Custody.

FADL Sample Submission Guidance