DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic

 DoD FADL Microbiology Section

Last Updated: March 08, 2023

Performs pathogen screening and enumeration on food, water and environmental samples for programs throughout the DoD that include the Destination Monitoring Program, Food Water Risk Assessments (FWRA), screening animal feed, bedding and water for Military research facilities, and sanitation audits to ensure vendor contract compliance. Performs pathogen screening and enumeration on suspected samples associated with food borne illness cases.

Points of Contact:
Supervisor: 210-295-4884; DSN: 421-4884
Team Leads: 210-295-4935/4719; DSN:  421-4935/4719

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Foodborne Illness Investigation

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Environmental Monitoring

For specific instructions on environmental sponge sample collection, review Technical Environmental Monitoring Using the Sponge-Stick Method, Technical Communication VHS Food TC 310  External Link (CAC Required)

***Submit samples in a chilled state***