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 DoD FADL Pet Travel Requirements

Last Updated: March 08, 2023
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Provides information regarding lab testing need when moving or traveling with your pet(s). 

DoD beneficiaries who are authorized treatment at DoD Medical Treatment Facilities are authorized this service.

Points of Contact:
Shipping and Receiving Administrative Assistants: 210-295-4010/4605/4387; DSN: 421-4010/4605/4387; Fax: 210-270-2559 

Technician Microbiologist: 210-295-0855; Fax: 210-295-4202 


The price for a FAVN request is $70.00 per privately owned dog or cat.

The laboratory fee must accompany the request for testing. We accept Money Order, Cashier Check, and Credit Card (Discover, Visa, or Master Card ONLY). Other Credit Cards, Cash, and Personal Check are not accepted. Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form (FADL Form D-132C) (one form per owner with single or multiple samples). The cashier check or money order must be made payable to "DOD Vet Lab". If you submit 2 or more samples, payment can be combined in one. At the bottom of the cashier check or money order, write pet name(s) on the "Memo" or "For" line.


Results can be expected 3 weeks after receipt of the sample(s).  For persons going to Hawaii and Guam, the final report is mailed directly to the quarantine facility and a copy is sent to the submitting Veterinary Clinic.  Pet owner should obtain a copy of the final report from their veterinarian/vet clinic.  For all other destinations: United Kingdom (England), Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, etc… the final report is mailed directly to the pet owner address.


The fee for a replacement or additional official FAVN report is $5.00 each. When a pet owner requests a form for any reason, the additional fee applies for each request. The request must come from the submitting clinic or veterinary hospital and must be paid by money order or credit card.

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