Laboratory Sample Management 

Information regarding laboratory sample managment.



_____ Contact the LAB Consultants Office to discuss sampling plan, scheduling, Data
Quality Objectives (DQOs)
, Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), or any
special needs such as method modification or development, unusually low
reporting limits, third party data validation, special QC requirements, etc. Any
special arrangements for weekend or after hour's delivery of samples should be
brought up at this time. For method development/modification, arrangements
should be made months ahead of anticipated project

_____ Complete LIDS 330-R-E for environmental projects or the LIDS
8-R-E/9-R-E form for industrial hygiene (IH) sampling, and forward the request
for services to the "Sampnews" bulletin board.

_____ On 330-R-E, provide a POC in the field who can be reached via cell phone,
blackberry, fax, or other means if there are problems that need immediate
resolution when the samples arrive in SML. Failure to do so could result in costly
delays, unnecessary rework, or re-sampling. (Click here for additional Info)

_____ Review laboratory replies to your analytical request. Communicate questions or
problems through the "Sampnews" bulletin board and the Consultants Office.

_____ Notify the LAB Consultants Office or the laboratory project coordinator (LPC) of
any alteration of your initial plans to include changes in the number of samples,
tests requested, dates of sampling, etc.

_____ Await contact from LAB for the pick-up of your sample kit with your containers,
preservatives, return labels, etc. or notification of the kit's shipment as per
customer request.

Be sure your containers are ready on time.
Submit your request early.


_____ Notify LAB by the "Sampnews" bulletin board of any changes to project plans,
delays, problems, etc.

_____ Preserve, label, and carefully pack samples. (Consult paperwork/instructions
enclosed with sample kit.)

_____ Complete packing list (LIDS 75-2-E) or Chain-of-Custody Records
(LIDS 235-R-E ) detailing the contents of each cooler, and include this
paperwork with each cooler.

_____ Notify Sample Management Laboratory (SML) when lab samples shipped and
include all need information - number of coolers, tracking numbers, copies of the
packing lists, etc. This notification could be via an e-mail message to the
"Sampnews" bulletin board, a fax, or a phone call to the laboratory project
coordinator (LPC)

_____ Verify entire shipment has been received by LAB by contacting SML from the
field to verify the conditions of the samples upon receipt and to confirm that all
shipments have been received. (This is critical if several shipments have been
made.) If there are serious problems with the shipment when received by LAB
(missing items, broken or leaking bottles, etc.), the LPC will contact you
immediately. In the 330-R-E, be sure to provide POC information where you
can be reached in the field

Hard copies of all the following forms are located in Appendix B of the Customer
Service Manual (TG 214)
. They are also available electronically. Click here to access.
LIDS 75-2-E
(Listing of Specific Chemical Analyses)
LIDS 8-R-E( Industrial Hygiene Bulk Sample Data)
LIDS 9-R-E(Industrial Hygiene Air SampleData)
LIDS 330-R-E (Request for Laboratory Services)
If required:
LIDS 235-R-E (Chain-of-Custody Record)


Laboratory Sample Submission Forms

LIDS is the central repository of APHC Laboratory Sciences technical guides, as well as the complete series of the familiar laboratory sample submission, handling, and feedback documents.