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Environmental Policy 

LS is fully committed to being an environmentally responsible neighbor to both our immediate community and the global neighborhood in which we live and work. Our commitment to environmental stewardship enhances our reputation and engenders trust with our customers as we do everything practical to protect the environment from which we derive our business. LS continuously builds on our knowledge base, maintains awareness of environmental issues and legal requirements, and communicates our goals through continuing education and training programs. Appropriate and timely use of technological resources by qualified personnel is the cornerstone for continually improving the LS Environmental Program, while ensuring our commitment to conservation of natural resources. Top management wholly supports the following tenets of our Environmental Policy and provides them as guidance to all LS’ employees:

Prevention of Pollution

LS utilizes safe technologies and operating procedures designed to minimize risks for its employees and neighboring communities. LS makes every effort to prevent our work from impacting negatively on the environment by implementing analytical procedures that minimize our consumption of materials and reduce our waste generation. LS purchases state-of-the-art instrumentation, and complies with established regulations for the safe treatment and disposal of generated waste.


LS employs procedures to meet, and when possible, surpass the compliance requirements of U.S. Military regulations and applicable legal and statutory requirements. Management monitors changes in legal or military requirements in order to guarantee the ability of LS to be compliant. LS establishes and meets its own standards to support pollution prevention goals, when legal requirements and regulations are nonexistent.

Continual Improvement

LS actively seeks opportunities to improve our adherence to the principles of environmental management. Our main focus is the continual assessment of our environmental aspects, impacts, objectives and targets using sound scientific data, and by conducting regular internal audits to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures. LS employees are encouraged to continually seek ways to minimize the production of chemical waste and usage of resources, while adhering to established recycling and waste management practices. As an environmentally responsible organization, LS strives to improve our own environmental performance by promoting our own conservation efforts.


LS communicates our tenets and mandates to stakeholders to ensure full role and responsibility awareness and solicits input on our environmental program. We also solicit input from our vendors and contract labs via surveys to share environmental management ideas and practices. LS reports the progress of our environmental program and our significant environmental aspects to the public via our public internet website at:

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