Occupational Health Sciences Division (OHSD) [PHCR-North] 

NOTE: As of 30 September 2015, PHCR-North has transitioned to the Regional Health Command - Atlantic (Provisional).  The information here is provided as a courtesy and may not be up-to-date.

A thermogram like this can identify potential water leaks in a building.     A chromium plating tank involved in an industrial inspection.     An IH team performs a home remediation on lead-based paint.
Occupational Health Sciences aims to prevent occupational health hazards.  Examples of missions include (from l-r) building thermograms, chromium plating evaluations, and lead paint remediation.

Our Services

  • Industrial Hygiene Survey.  Evaluation of potential health hazards at installations, often at the request of the Industrial Hygiene (IH) Program Manager.  The survey may serve as a baseline or periodic evaluation of processes associated with specific operations for one or more organizations.  May include the identification and survey of industrial equipment and operational procedures, personal protective equipment, collection of screening samples and noise or ventilation measurements. A report delineating the areas evaluated, methodology, findings, and recommendations are prepared.
  • Industrial Hygiene Study.  An in-depth evaluation of a known or potential health hazard to characterize the exposures, perform and provide personal exposure monitoring results to the Occupational Health Clinic, evaluate industrial ventilation systems, and provide recommendations and corrective actions to help identify and remediate workplace hazards.
  • Industrial Hygiene Consultation.  A brief onsite visit to solve a known problem.  Includes the inspection of equipment, the evaluation of operational procedures, and preparation of a report.
  • Document Design Review.  Reviewing system requirements specification in construction documents, ensuring requirements are consistent with product development in their designed phases.  Indentifying constraints and providing recommendations to control potential shortcomings for the continued new product development, e.g., HVAC, LEV, PPE.
  • Industrial Hygiene Program Consultation.  Assisting IH professionals in IH program management concerns. Ensure that all federally mandated health and safety programs are executed in compliance with federal regulations, i.e., Respiratory Protection Program, Asbestos Abatement Program, Confined Space Entry, and Hazard Communication Program.
  • Industrial Hygiene Program Management Training.  A short training session conducted for the Installation IH Program Manager explaining and defining the optimal way to manage the Army IH Program and responsibilities, in accordance with DA Pam 40-503.



We have unique services specific to Installation Management Command (IMCOM) that include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Army Child, Youth, and School Evaluations (ACYSE).  Assist CYS facilities in their annual accreditation by evaluating the installation CYS programs for compliance in accordance with Army and DoD directives.
  • Playground Safety Audits and Inspections.  Conducts playground evaluations to ensure hazards are anticipated, recognized, evaluated, and controlled.  Ensures compliance with applicable standards and the     U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Additional direct support in the fields of pest management, pesticide risk management, water supply management, wastewater management, hazardous waste management, ergonomic evaluation, worksite hazards management, sanitation and hygiene, and installation industrial hygiene management is available.



An IH Soldier demonstrating how to collect asbestos or lead wipe samples for anaylisis
A military IH demonstrating how to collect asbestos or lead wipe samples for analysis.

An IH Civilian demonstrating how a slide chute exit region might be measured during a child development center evaluation.
An civilian IH demonstrating how a slide chute exit region might be measured during a child development center evaluation.


An IH Civilian conducts a ventilation survey.
A civilian IH conducts a ventilation survey.



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