Workplace Safety & Health 

Information on issues of industrial hygiene and occupational medicine including hearing conservation and vision conservation.

Soldier demonstrating proper use of personal protective measures in the work environment.



The mission of ergonomics is to reduce and prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries.

Health Hazard Assessment (HHA)

HHA involves identifying, assessing, and making recommendations to eliminate or control health hazards associated with weapons platforms, munitions, equipment, clothing, training devices, and other materiel systems.

Health Physics

Information on identifying and eliminating or controlling health hazards associated with life-cycle management of weapons, equipment and materiel.

Hearing Readiness and Conservation

Information on hearing, hearing loss prevention, hearing protective devices, DOEHRS-HC, hearing checks, and reducing noise hazards.

Industrial Hygiene

We believe that military and civilian personnel have the right to a safe and healthful workplace. Worker protection is our focus. Reduce costs associated with lost-time, medical treatment and surveillance, and workers’ compensation.

Laser and Optical Radiation

Information on potential hazards associated with the operation of high intensity optical sources such as laser target designators, infrared countermeasures, industrial optical sources, nonlethal weapons and other high technology optical sources.

Medical Safety

Medical Safety aims to enhance the environment of care and quality assurance efforts; control worker’s compensation costs; provide a safe and attractive environment; and promote compliance with safety and health regulations and guidelines.

Occupational Medicine

Information on the identification, assessment and countering of occupational injury and illness.

Radio Frequency Radiation and Ultrasound

Information related to the potential hazards associated with exposure to radio frequency radiation and ultrasound.

Surety Medicine

Surety medicine focuses on protecting the health of the personnel who deal with nuclear, biological or chemical materials or programs, and on compliance with medical requirements to help ensure the security of the materials.

Vision Conservation and Readiness

This is the primary source page for the Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Division with links to training, resources, data and support.