Health Hazard Assessment (HHA)

Useful HHA Links

Last Updated: August 06, 2018

​Below is a list of websites to Organizations/Programs that support Health Hazard Assessment.

 Army Safety Center Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center External Link  Provide support to the Army by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating actionable information to assist leaders, soldiers, families, and civilians in preserving and protecting the Army's combat resources.
 U.S. Army Human Systems Integration US Army Human Systems Integration Program External Link  The US Army's Human Systems Integration Program (formerly known as MANPRINT), Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1.  Its mission is to establish policies and procedures for AR 602-2, Human Systems Integration in the System Acquisition Process, and to exercise primary staff responsibilities for the Soldier-Oriented Research and Development in Personnel Performance and Training (SORD).
 Ergonomics Program US Army Ergonomics Program  The Army Ergonomics Program's mission is to serve military and civilian personnel worldwide by reducing and preventing work-related musculoskeletal injuries.  The Army Ergonomics Program provides leadership and support to US Army Installations and other Department of Defense Agencies in the areas of ergonomics program development, education and training, acquisition system evaluation, analysis and measurement, and applied research.
 Army Hearing Program US Army Hearing Program  The mission of the Army Hearing Program (AHP) is to improve communication abilities on the battlefield and decrease noise-induced hearing loss among Soldiers and Civilians.  The four elements of the AHP are described in Special Text Document 4-02.501: Hearing Readiness, Operational Hearing, Hearing Conservation, and Clinical Hearing Services.
 Industrial Hygiene Program US Army Industrial Hygiene Program  Provide support to the warfighter, conserve resources, and enhance readiness by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling health hazards where military and civilian personnel work and serve.  The Army Industrial Hygiene Program is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all Soldiers and civilians at Army installations throughout the world.
 Laser/Optical Program US Army Laser/Optical Radiation Program  The Laser/Optical Radiation Program has served as the Army's laser safety consultant for over 30 years and is the Department of Defense's leader in laser hazard analysis providing support to all the Uniformed Services as well as many other Federal agencies.  Members of the Laser/Optical Radiation Program serve in Military, National, and International Standards Committees setting exposure limits for lasers.  With extensive laboratory, field service, and data collection capabilities the Laser/Optical Radiation Program stands alone as the government's premier laser safety organization.
 Radio Frequency/Ultrasound Program US Army Radio Frequency/Ultrasound Program  The Radio Frequency/Ultrasound Program's mission is to provide support to U.S. Army, Department of Defense, and other federal occupational health and preventive medicine programs regarding protection of human health from exposure to radio frequency radiation and ultrasound.