Hearing Readiness and Conservation

 Hearing Readiness (HR)

Last Updated: August 02, 2018

Hearing readiness (HR) is a process to ensure that Soldiers have the required hearing capability and personal protective equipment such as hearing protection, for readiness, deployment, lethality and survivability.


The purpose of HR is to identify early changes in hearing, and to provide education, individual counseling, and refit hearing protection to prevent further damage to hearing. Without proper HR, Soldiers may be sent into combat with less than optimum communication performance. Poor hearing jeopardizes the unit mission and increases the likelihood of a serious mishap due to a Soldier's inability to understand verbal orders and radio communications, localize the direction of sounds, gauge distances accurately, and have good overall situational awareness.
​Hearing Readiness is one of the four components of the Army Hearing Conservation Program:

Readiness, Operational, Clinical, Hearing Conservation


eProfile Templates for Physical Profiles (milBook) External Link 

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Audiometric Test Booth Certification Form

 TG 250, Readiness thru Hearing Conservation

Combat Arms Earplug (wallet card)

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AR 40-5: Preventive Medicine  External Link

AR 40-501: Standards of Medical Fitness External Link

ALARACT 185/2010: Soldier Readiness-Automation of Medical Non-deployable (MND) Status in MEDPROS for P3 and P4 Profiles (AKO only) External Link

ALARACT 163/2006: Hearing Readiness Module in MEDPROS (AKO only) External Link

ALARACT 186/2010: Mandatory Use of DA Form 3349 for Changes to PUHLES During a Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) and in MEDPROS (AKO only) External Link

 DoDI 6055.12, DoD Hearing Conservation Program External Link

ALARACT 248/2007: Combat Arms Earplug (CAE) Now Available through Rapid Fielding Issue (RFI) External Link

MIL-STD-1474D: Department of Defense Design Criteria Standard: Noise Limits External Link

ALARACT 034/2013: ALARACT Clarification of AR 50-501/AR 190-56 Requirements for Speech Recognition in Noise Test (SPRINT) Administration (AKO only) External Link

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